(Finally Released) Mikeʻs Free Navy Federal Gift To You

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Are you “in the game” or “on the sidelines?” Call me at 904-420-7772 to get into the Credit Game NOW.

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These are not only ways to boost your credit score, but how to build your credit score from the ground up. Let’s take a look at everything you need to be doing to have excellent credit!

This is the most comprehensive credit repair education with a step by step strategy of how to repair credit, with the best tips and tricks along the way. You can even make money doing it.

We even include the credit repair templates we’ve used successfully for years to help thousands of people better their lives. And as a bonus, many of our Original “Credit Game” videos are included for FREE.

My big goal is to raise the national credit score average by educating the masses on credit and finances. The more people are informed, the higher the average will be.

Raise the bar with us and call 904-420-7772 to get The Credit Game University NOW.

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8 Responses

  1. 1 Dad 2 Headaches says:

    What’s your hours of operation?? I’m ready to work! I was working with the credit dude on youtube and got no results.

  2. Kvasir of Old says:

    It won't pull EX. It will pull EQ for a CLI. When I was 675, I got the Flagship with 21k. That was 18 months ago, and Flagship was my 3rd card from them. But if I would ask for 25k on any of my Navy Fed cards, it would be a decrease.
    Oh, and Navy Fed is the largest CU in the world, not just the US. I also have my mortgage and a car loan with them. 0 down on both and half the interest than other lenders at the time.

  3. Latima Leverett says:

    How can I contact you Mike

  4. Lead With Jim says:

    I am in Navy Federal – It was the best decision I ever made.

  5. MJ Ciufo says:

    I’ve tried getting ahold of Devin but no one seems to be available?

  6. Duncan Rushing says:

    Thank you, Mike! I wasn't able to answer your call but I came straight to the video.
    I'm interested.

  7. Dana Dane says:

    Getting ready to follow your formula for business I’m looking to get a house to assist with VA – female and or male in transition 2 per shared Room for 3-6 months transitioning In Georgia. ( property management experienced) have a few contacts from volunteering, managing property and word of mouth. You have great videos!

  8. Torey94 says:

    First one here Unc Mike, so help me get this charge off removed lol.

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