Fiancée of deputy shot says he'll need a transplant because bullet fragments damaged his kidneys

Two of the three deputies shot Saturday remain hospitalized, 28-year-old Darryl Garrett and 26-year-old Juqaim Barthen. Deputy Kareem Atkins was killed.


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38 Responses

  1. I am Jayplay says:

    Some ppl just may not like being told what to do maybe a verbal altercation happened b4 the shooting and well you see the results.

  2. Rob C says:

    Man I'll give him my kidneys there good I don't deserve to live here anymore where do I go and sign paper work or whatever needs to be done to make it happen

  3. J Parker says:

    It's crazy there is no one else covering this story besides you guys.

  4. Red Star says:

    Joggers are hunting kidneys everyday

  5. Mr T says:

    Did they catch the scumbags?

  6. Sammy Meyers says:

    They seemed like they were purposely targeted????

  7. M C. says:

    Wow smh God bless their families

  8. zerocool1ist says:

    Just goes to show quantity is not always better then quality.

  9. KitKat78 says:

    Please Lord, help this officer recover both physically and mentally.

  10. MUDNOCCHIO says:

    If he’s O positive, take mines

  11. I’m sure even if they catch the shooter they’re going to give them a bail and he’ll be out in 24 hours

  12. Inside Life says:

    God the miracle healer will touch you with his anointing.

  13. Reel Dirtie says:

    I don't believe this maybe we can have the kidneys investigate themselves to be cleared of all wrongdoing and then take a paid vacation

  14. Emily Vee says:

    Lord bless him and keep him! Send him a kidney.

  15. The cowardly act of ambushing these young men is messed up.

  16. She sounds dumb when she speaks

  17. Justin Jones says:

    Hopefully this hero can heal and recover

  18. Joel Little says:

    Can’t believe they weren’t wearing bullet proof vests

  19. Tim Fowler says:

    LOOK WHAT BLM HAS DONE. Look what the DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS have done to your COMMUNITY. Let's go Brandon!!

  20. just_janen_ says:

    My goodness they removed both kidneys. What a terrible situation, totally heart breaking. I wish him a quick recovery!!

  21. Ryan Hicks says:

    What blood type is he?

  22. Cody Thomas says:

    Set up a GoFundMe so that he can get help with medical expenses that s*** should be free y'all are just trying to get it done for free without paying your money f*** off……

  23. Analiss says:

    How do you find a match

  24. SLEUTH 777 says:

    Let's see how many police across the world actually donate for his kidney.

  25. These criminals just don't understand. When the police are gone the military comes in. They don't mess around

  26. Mark says:

    Hmm do I care I will pray for the answer.

  27. They needs to get that POS off the STREETS. I hope everything works out for both deputies. PRAY for all the victims and their families.

  28. lost cause says:

    Good luck finding someone willing to give up a good kidney

  29. Black Era says:

    They definitely don’t pay enough for that

  30. God bless him back to good health even though it’s a fight in jesus name I pray amen .

  31. Connie Nunya says:

    So sad. I wonder how one would find out if they were a match for his kidney?

  32. John Scott says:

    What about all my ancestors that were slaughtered in 1804.

  33. They'll say the fragments make ar style rifles more deadly and that'll be grounds to ban them

  34. Fun fact… Cop job isn't even in the top 10 riskiest jobs! Barely in the top 20.

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