Felix applies for an Equifax Credit Card. Felix needs the credit card bank to pull Equifax approval

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Felix needs the credit card company to approve him, but his credit score on Equifax is the highest. Felix’s Experian credit score and Transunion credit score is in the garbage, so Felix has to find a credit card company (bank) that only pulls Equifax. Felix places an Experian security freeze and a Transunion security freeze which prevents companies from viewing Felix’s credit report in most cases. Felix spends hours and finally picks a bank credit card company, which exclusively pulls Equifax. **********************

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how to dispute something on your credit report equifax

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3 Responses

  1. Johnny Barnes says:

    I applied Friday and got the same message as Felix. I have a 747 fico score on Equifax. Thought I would get instant approval. Called Sunday to check the status and was told to call back in 3-5 business days. Called back Wednesday and BOOM got approved for $10k, strange how they take you through this long process but it was all worth it :)…….

  2. Johnny Barnes says:

    Did he get the card?

  3. Johnny Barnes says:

    Just got approved Penfed for $7500, Hard pull from Equifax in California. Now I did get a soft inquiry from Experian first.

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