Federal Government Abdicates Responsibility for Investigating Massive Equifax Data Theft

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau had initiated an investigation into the data of theft of data of 143 million US citizens, but now the CFPB abandoned the investigation under Trump’s budget director Mulvaney. Bill Black explains the consequences

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17 Responses

  1. ime akpan says:

    Bill is either too jolly a person, or he finds this government so inept that it's laughable. Or both.

  2. Freezencrash says:

    You have no argument as long as the States are already investigating.

  3. Fred Gunter N.E. says:

    Refuse to do business with businesses that use Equifax. Plain and clear.

  4. Brian Booker says:

    I feel like we are the Thanksgiving Turkey getting fattened up before we go to the slaughter while Ali Baba Trump and his forty thieves steal everything that isn't nailed down. Elizabeth W. can't be the only politician seeing this.

  5. J Altenburg says:

    Good report as always, but I don’t see this as a laughing matter. Smugness is no excuse.

  6. gary mills says:

    The federal government stole that data Zionist control and attacking the world wake the hell up

  7. Sean McCoy says:

    Only 143million people. Barely a blip on the screen…

  8. Peace says:

    The Great American Ripoff, by the time this Administration is over, the only solution will be Revolution.

  9. Gevian Dargan says:

    Surprise, surprise…

  10. KAREN Nichols says:

    I sure am glad they are enjoying this whole thing so much. You would think this was a comedy instead of a tragedy for consumers. Laugh it up while the country burns. I am starting to regret contributing to TRN last December…I expected more professionalism.

  11. ameighable says:

    Of course they did. It was the U. S. government itself that stole that data. THat's why the data never made it to the black market.

  12. Desean Gibir says:

    I love when Bill is on. Yet again the fox is guarding the hen house. People are the victims of this corruption and theft.

  13. Robert Rickert says:

    Why all the lauqhter? Serious story, intolerably clownish delivery, as if you are delighted by the fact our president is the most destructive person on earth.

  14. John Mastroligulano says:

    Pretending Elizabeth Warren is anything more than filling a power vacuum as controlled opposition loses you mad credit. We all saw glaringly her support for Clinton & know exactly what that meant-means. Thumbs down on this one Real News can't listen to people who are spreading false narratives through a little truth sprinkled with false context to keep the public buying the Democrat/Republican bad cop/worse cop routine.

  15. 00Billy says:

    add this to wells fargo….3,000,000 fraudulent accounts opened without customers permission.
    Of course before the class action law suits happened the congress made class action law suits against banks illegal.

  16. INF Flux says:

    No justice. What is the federal Govt for?

  17. Linda Fukuyu says:

    Why Massive Equifax Data Theft ?? It's because they're outsourcing to India !! So, You deserve for what you did .. They all must be in jail !!

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