FDCPA Masterclass on dispute letters

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This was a webinar we did a month or so ago on the three types of dispute letters under the FDCPA:
1. Dispute
2. Request for information (validation)
3. Refuse to pay (cease and desist)

We talked about how to combine these — and when to not combine these — and a bunch of other related topics.

This is a long video that I hope will be helpful to you!


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dispute negative marks on credit report

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23 Responses

  1. Kodja Yarlug says:

    Great information glad I found your channel. Question what if the collection company sends you a contract will a false or forged signature on it…can I sue or what would be a response?

  2. George Van Valkenburg says:


  3. Redd GLASS, Jr says:

    Great presentation

  4. Chris Lancaster says:

    Do you think metro2 is a more effective way of disputing?

  5. Daniel R says:

    I'm glad for this info. I've had to defend myself in court as a pro se defendant 3 times, and each time, after lots of work answering the complaint and answering and requesting discovery and after filing an answer to plaintiffs request for summary judgment with the necessary notarized affidavit, case gets dismissed without prejudice when it clearly would have been dismissed with prejudice in favor of the defendant had it gone to trial. Nice that the cases got dismissed, but mind blowing how much work a plaintiff can force upon a defendant without pay. I imagine that the Plaintiffs are not too happy either as they probably spent hundreds or even thousands in litigation. I was never able to get an attorney to take any of the the cases because I cannot afford their services and because they don't seem to see any money in it for them. Perhaps if I would have drafted better dispute letters in response to dunning letters, I would have saved myself the time and effort of litigation and saved the Plaintiff the expense. The world is a racket. At this point I'm glad that I'm self-employed and so poor that everything I own is exempt from seizure. I don't have to worry about a Plaintiff's legal expenses racking up sky high and falling upon me if they were to win a case against me. Note: I am not a lawyer and this comment is not legal or financial advise and should not be used as legal or financial advice.

  6. Daniel R says:

    The "Need Help? Contact Us Here" link is broken on your website. Or maybe it's a problem with the settings on my computer? Have an email address?

  7. v t says:

    Hi, my original creditor sold incorrect debt to the collection company. Now I have a collection on all 3 credit report and the amount is incorrect. I payed (my insurance company did) the original creditor earlier and I have proof.
    What is the FIRST step to me to dispute the debt and remove it from my credit report ? Should I contact the original creditor about their mistake or to the bureaus or the collection agency?

  8. jacqueline manzano says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. There is plenty of case law post Spokeo, regarding violations of the FDCPA, article III standing and concrete injury, whether tangible or intangible.

  9. Joshua Derstine says:

    Do I have the right to and how do I ask for a complete payment history on a federal student loan account? My accounts are continually reaged with payments that I didn't make. If I made these payments then how much did I pay and what impact did it have on what I owe. If these guys are reporting inaccuracies and reaging an account can I sue them even if they're a federal collection agency? If anything they should be held to a higher standard.
    I would like to pay them off but what's the incentive if they're going to continue to haunt me on my credit report and if I pay them off wouldn't that constitute activity on the account and then cause it to remain on my account for 7 years when at least now it's been over 7 years since any activity. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and your videos are among the best and most informative that I have found.

  10. audrey may says:

    Hi John
    I sent you an email inquiring about how to obtain recordings for the six part webinar series for credit repair but haven’t heard back from you.

  11. Nadine David says:

    Hello, what if the collection has been paid with zero balance but they refuse to “delete” from the credit bureaus. We need these deleted because they are still negatively impacting the FICO score?
    I didn’t know to send a “pay for delete” letter in the very beginning.

    Thank you !!

  12. M T. says:

    I've left 3/4 messages with your secretary but you never got back to me. Why do you ask for people to contact you when you never respond?

  13. Doc says:

    This is the best and most comprehensive video on debt validation letter structure on the internet!!! Thank you Mr Watts!

  14. Prospective Vision Solutions LLC says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have a couple of people that I am referring your services to.

  15. Valerie Boyd says:

    Can I get a copy of the checklist?

  16. Ash Kim says:

    Hello John, I love your videos. I need your advice please, about 3 years ago my life changed drastically I went from having a great credit to sinking in debt now. I have Charge off with BOA totalling 32k and chase 9k, BOA is over charguing me no one is or had done anything to me yest as it pertains to collecting, but I cant continue guessing or asuming what will happen next so considering filing for bankruptcy as I don't see any way out other than that if not my credit will never be ok again.

  17. Randi Gleason says:

    My guy

  18. JBS-MP says:

    Wish You Were In Maryland!! Very Good Instructor!!

  19. Rayan Rayan says:

    Hello John,A dapt collectors contacted me by mail for adebt(rent arear),I sent a disput letter they respond by sending a statement not correct and a tenacy agreement,and they dont want to send a purchase agrement or something to prove their autority to collect. Can you explain what to do?and its not me the garontor ,please can you tell me what to do ,please.

  20. jimmie r padgett jr says:

    What about debt for a defunct business that you signed personally for?

  21. Lena J says:

    You are great! Thanks for the information!!

  22. Alabama Consumer Protection Lawyers says:

    If you want any of the handouts or templates, just let me know — https://www.alabamaconsumer.com/contact-us/

  23. audrey may says:

    Great info, John. Thanks

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