FCRA case decision teaches us about the bankruptcy and Lexis Nexis dispute strategy

There is a lot of confusion about LexisNexis and bankruptcy reporting or reporting of judgments. And many online will “sell” you their training course to show you how to get rid of a bankruptcy and will claim that if the bureaus don’t remove an accurate bankruptcy, you can sue.

This is garbage. The theory involves freezing LexisNexis (but they don’t even understand what LexisNexis really is) and getting a letter from the bankruptcy clerk of the court about not verifying information.

Sounds good but let’s see how this works in practice when trying to remove a public record that is accurate.

This is a Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision issued today (April 9, 2021) in Jacob Shimon v Equifax.

Thanks for watching and if you want actual training (at no cost) on how to dispute actual errors and either get the information fixed/deleted or you can sue, then sign up for our webinar training series at www.HowToFixCreditReportErrors.com. I’ll teach you the exact process we use in my firm and you will never be asked to pay a penny for the training which happens every Thursday at 11 Central. First session of about five or six was yesterday (April 8) but when you register I’ll send you the previous trainings so you can get caught up.


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  1. Lindsay Salapow says:

    Great video—thank you! A few of my colleagues and I were just discussing this exact topic today đŸ™‚

  2. Jeff Boe says:

    John what about if the Credit reporting agencies are reporting that assets were zero and the discharge amount was zero and that’s contrary to what the court documents say is that considered to be misleading or an accuracy that can be legitimately disputed?

  3. Alberto Cleans Credit says:

    Excellent, thank you

  4. terrence vinson says:

    Hi what if The Bankruptcy Court address is inaccurate?

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