Father mistakenly identified as suspect in boy's homicide says he feels 'like a victim'

The Las Vegas father who was briefly a murder suspect is speaking out about how the ordeal has impacted his life.


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8 Responses

  1. Heywait says:

    Yea now he’s got feelings and wants to come up…. he must be a bad dude for his x wife to think he would do something like that…

  2. susan cooper says:

    At no time does he show concern for that dead boy, all about himself. I smell momey

  3. Francisco Vidales says:

    how would you feel if you were accused of murder and treated as a murderer. it's no longer "innocent until proven guilty", but guilty until proven innocent. slandering your name, defamation of character. what if he made an accidental wrong move when being ambushed and suddenly he's shot and killed, for something that he never did? what's wrong with wanting money out of it? it's the least he can get, because an apology from any accuser he once trusted is now worthless.

  4. rick mitchell says:

    He wants a check.

  5. Sommer Rae says:

    It’s his family that called on him and made him a suspect.

  6. Ry says:

    God bless him

  7. Erica Reyes says:

    It was a big mistake from your bb momma.. law was just making there job ! So blem your ex not the law!

  8. susan cooper says:

    A victim? grow a pair. There's a child dead

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