Fat Shawty and G Skinny initial Reports | what Allegedly Went down.

Initial Reports of the deaths of Fat Shawty and G Skinny, 2 well known names and both close friends of fbg Cash, with updates to what Allegedly took place. Rip to them guys.

Story crazy as all hell.


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16 Responses

  1. Devon Doweary says:

    This is going to split Jaro city up

  2. Southeast D.C. says:

    Unfortunately if you call somebody hot you better be ready to kill or be killed.

  3. Badd MANCJ614 says:

    Fat man was hit and the face

  4. Major Bison says:

    No who wants to listen with that dumb azz voice effect

  5. steven sherrier says:

    Cash just gained all my respect for chasing skinny and taking him down like that.

  6. Jajuan Jenkins says:

    Sum wat true but it was his cousin an brother who said something too fat shawty about it like why you bring him we snitch k an Thts wat started the argument

  7. Jajuan Jenkins says:

    I said all this in trenches news

  8. Jajuan Jenkins says:


  9. Rashee Aziz says:

    Thanks for the update never knew it was his dad party either smh

  10. Forteguy079 says:

    U from Chicago fam?

  11. Cheekytron says:

    Is this Optimus prime

  12. Bored Five says:

    The voice in this video don't got enough reverb on it. Needs more reverb and echo on it. Fuck it throw in some auto tune too. Because why not?

  13. Victor Palmer says:

    Skinny shot fat shawty n fat shawty ppl killed skinny… it was over a argument fat shawty called skinny a snitch

  14. Victor Palmer says:

    That update came out like 4 hours ago bro trench’s news from Chicago gave the update

  15. Jboogie King says:

    a dam shame how these guy's treat each other.so much fake friendship going on with this new generation.

  16. Terrence Evans says:


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