Fastest death world record

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20 Responses

  1. Dank Memes says:

    About 8 or 9 years ago, I remember playing Minecraft on the PS3, me and my brother were loading up a new world, as soon as I was loaded in, I only saw two heart's left and I was instantly dead. I spawned inside a lava surface patch and was dead in less than a second from loading in fully

  2. Dark Jaguar says:

    Tf my death should hold world record…i died like in a sec when i joined 2b2t for the first time ;_;

  3. The gaming monkey says:

    I’ve died faster before so ha

  4. CasualCristinel says:

    I died faster, I created a world and when it loaded I was already dead because I drowned

  5. Ezio Lycan says:


  6. Alessandro Abbate says:


  7. Zachary Rusch says:

    I love how speed running can be so diverse like this is literally competitive dying

  8. Babak Kheshti says:

    The record is actually 2.95 seconds

  9. Giudicher4G ITA says:

    Lol it was italian

  10. Ten Kameleon says:

    There's actually a seed that makes you spawn in lava so..

  11. ashvin biju says:

    Very easy

  12. Cursed Wither says:

    Isn't the fastest someone that just spawns inside of a lava pool?

  13. KR says:

    That's a very quick death!

  14. The Canadian Beast says:

    Has anyone else ever just died bc of water at spawn

  15. Firestone Animation says:

    The guy who found the one seed where you spawn in lava with no way out: I used to ruuuuuule the world

  16. YosseF EhaB says:

    He really went : Oh oooooooooOoOoOooO

  17. MATITOMS says:

    I had 7 sec

  18. Harris Hennington says:

    My brother did this irl

  19. Minecraft Speedrun Highlights says:

    Thanks for 1 million views. Dont forget to follow him <3

    Also my twitch

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