Fantasy Football 2021 – Starts of the Week + Week 17 Breakdown, Title Time – Ep. 1188

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Week 17 is here and The Fantasy Footballers are back with a new episode! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Week 17 matchup previews and Starts of the Week! Plus, injury updates, a new edition of “Never Not Working,” and the Boom Boom Kicker story continues! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 30th, 2021.

(00:00) – Intro
(07:45) – Never Not Working
(14:20) – NFL News
(24:26) – Fantasy Forecast
(24:40) – Falcons at Bills
(30:05) – Giants at Bears
(33:35) – Chiefs at Bengals
(39:35) – Dolphins at Titans
(44:05) – Raiders at Colts
(46:45) – Jaguars at Patriots
(49:45) – Buccaneers at Jets
(54:50) – Eagles at Washington
(58:55) – Starts of the Week
(01:11:25) – Boom Boom Kicker of the Week

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon Ward says:

    Almost upset my ass Andy!!!! Go Titans!!!! TitanUp Son

  2. BTrix3D says:

    Mike the fantasy hit man really is a hit man on my lineup. Thanks for the Foster Moreau start of the week jackass.

  3. Nazeem Agha says:


    3 rbs Dalvin cook e Mitchell swift Ronald jones

  4. Nazeem Agha says:

    Robbie Gould!!! I hate it

  5. butternuts says:

    Amon-ra St. Brown or Hunter Renfro?

  6. OJ741 says:

    Still can’t decide between Sony Michel or Darrell Williams full PPR.

  7. Francisco Ortiz says:

    In a 2qb league, i reached gloriously for trey lance within the first 8 rounds. I held on to him the entire year with the idea “jimmy g is going to get hurt it’s inevitable”. Its championship week and you bet im starting him. Lets go mike!

  8. Watjalukinat says:

    Burrow didnt throw a lot because Taylor was focused on play action as the foundation, he's a mcvay guy. Now they have switched to a spread offense.

  9. Snowman -8 says:

    Should I play waddle ab jevonte Saquon or cooper in my flex! Ten team league r harder then my 12 team league every year because these decisions! My decision in my 12 team league is ab or devonte smith

  10. Falconsfan408 says:

    Start chase or antonio brown?

  11. BingBong says:

    Start James Conner if healthy? Or should i start Michael Carter, Jaret Patterson, Aj Dillion or Boston scott? Please help!

  12. R JAY says:

    Kamara or Swift?
    Brady or Dak??

  13. Michael Toscano says:

    Justin Herbert or Jaylen Hurts ? Thank you

  14. Ghost Mane says:

    That commissioner needs to pay the price for not collecting all the league dues and pay up himself. Don't destroy a league over being a dumbass.

  15. Markie Zee says:

    Oh man, I love the boom boom kicker. I listen to this at least 5x in a row. This one was awesome! PERFECT!!!

  16. Danny says:

    Do I play Brady or Lance? Higbee or Moreau? Most likely gunna rain in the Bucs game and Trey Lance could run all over Houston. I know Brady knows how to throw in the rain but it's still such a hard decision for me. Help me Jesus, help me Tom Cruise, help me Jewish gods!

  17. Ryan Williams says:

    would it be crazy to start Jalen Hurts instead of Brady?

  18. Derrick Falletta says:

    .5 PPR – Burrow or Lance — Chubb Rb1 , – Ogunbowale, Kareem Hunt,Jaret Patterson, Mike Williams- pick two for RB2 & Flex & QB

  19. Ryan Williams says:

    Michael Carter vs Tampa or Sony Michel vs Baltimore

  20. The Fantasy Footballers says:

    Week 17 Rankings + Start / Sit tool are up at

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