Family of man killed by Chicago police want to know why deadly force was used | ABC7 Chicago

His family said that they were told he was armed with a knife, but beyond that, they have no more details and want to know why deadly force had to be used. Full story:


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17 Responses

  1. Lukas Grab says:

    This mother is actually trying to justify her son pulling a knife on another human being? He didn’t deserve to get a taser, he deserved what he asked for. Pull it together people.

  2. EricWokei says:

    Pest control treatment completed ! Good job

  3. Richard Barnhart says:

    The family knew for a fact that the dead man was a violent outlaw raised on tax money. They know he grew up bad with no regard for law abiding citizens and contempt for earthly law and order. They have all the answers they need, they just don't have a cash settlement from the government yet, and they want that more than they ever wanted the reprobate when he was alive..

  4. Bryan Robinson says:

    Y'all don't if he was going through a lot. But black and y'all don't care.. if he was white y'all would have awe so sad.

  5. Dave Blevins says:

    Perp Pulls knife. Cop pulls gun. Perp comes toward cop. Cop shoots. End of story. There's no story here. There is however, a lesson. Help your neighbors. Be involved in your community. Treat each other with respect. Men, take responsibility for your family. Women, respect your man. All this is in your Bible. Love is above all else.

  6. ironaddicted says:

    Sounds like police did their job.

  7. Al Cam says:

    Y really blame the girlfriend

  8. Paul Funovits says:


  9. Ernest Clements says:

    I can't get it around my head why my son is dead! Lady if you pull a knife on a cop you're using deadly force, and Illinois is a like force state that means a fist can be met by a fist, a foot by a foot, but when you pull a knife, a weapon that can cause more damage than a gun that's when things get real in a hurry, and people get shot! You've bought into this Hollywood nonsense that a knife isn't a real weapon, and the fantasy that tasers are 100% effective.

  10. Marv V says:

    Domestics. Knives. But this clown was a family man? This family is clearly the entire circus.

  11. Tim Rose says:

    Why did he have a knife

  12. Pyro Falcon says:

    Here come the usual hustle…

  13. NastyMenthol says:

    Look up the 21 foot rule and other videos that show knife wielding suspects charging cops that require mag dumps to get them to stop… that’s probably why they used deadly force. But hey, these are blue city police officers so who knows what actually happened until we see some body/dash cam footage

  14. Doc truth says:

    Don't get in a gun fight with only knife , and remember, Cops don't fight knives with tasers !

  15. Katherine Hannah says:

    So what happened to so called body cameras

  16. Salgado emmy Fuentes says:

    That's a murder.

  17. RANDYLAYHE says:

    one thing is forsure: tyrell wont pull an knife on a cop again

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