Family of GVSU student who drowned calls death 'suspicious'

Muskegon Police say 18-year-old Taleah Lowe drowned in Lake Michigan at Pere Marquette Beach last week but her family claims her death is suspicious.


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5 Responses

  1. Lakiya Woodard says:

    JUSTICE FOR TALIAH! Always make sure you’re not the only black person around !


    This case is fucked up !! I hope the friends of hers , the white girls get investigated !!

  3. senjo31 says:

    Wow I feel so bad about what happened to my cousin. If her friends were such good friends why didn't they stop a disabled young lady from jumping into the abyss

  4. Tonja Sinclair says:

    Her peoples know her better than anybody if theyre saying she wouldn’t go swimming in the freezing cold at night then an investigation should be launched immediately

  5. Syrai ._. says:

    Justice for this beautiful girl.

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