Family Honors Man From Sacramento Mistakenly Shot And Killed By Idaho Police

A family is in mourning and grieving the loss of their loved one, after a man from Sacramento was shot and killed by Idaho police earlier this month. Though the department admits, Joseph Johnson was shot by mistake.


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20 Responses

  1. AngelicHellSpawn Yang says:

    At least the pigs admitted it but yet the pigs just laughs and waits for the next victim

  2. Queen Alice Kingsley says:

    How many people each year are killed by police?!

  3. Kenneth Russell says:

    Police are lucky these families don't start taking action..

  4. cedrick samaniego says:

    No more taking kill shots!
    What's the harm in taking someone in to jail instead of the morgue?

  5. Richard Leet says:

    Forgiveness is hard. People are only human. It was an honest mistake. I don’t think most people realize the terror cops go through on a daily basis. It’s sad and horrible what happened. I hope they forgive the man what’s done is done

  6. David Curlee says:

    South Park , spaghetti heads….it's sad

  7. Ebros says:

    Sad, but it’s nobody’s fault. If anyone should be held to account, it’s the suspect who fled from the police.

    The family showed incredible strength and resilience by not holding a press conference with an attorney, only to blame the police before all the facts are in.

    Condolences to the young man’s family and friends.

  8. arthur velasquez says:

    I hope the family sues for wrongful death no less then 50 millions dollars won't bring back there beloved family member but this is just wrong

  9. Fonic Gaming says:

    How do you mistakenly shoot someone?? Nah that doesn’t work for me. Everyone involved needs to be in prison. This shit happens all the time with no one taking responsibility for it.

  10. Light Ning says:

    He was murdered. Not killed. The murderers walk free. Still love police people?

  11. Lord Humongous says:

    scary ass cops

  12. Athena Bryant says:

    He deserves to be honored. He was a courageous man who put his life on the libe when he didn't even have to.

  13. Sledge Tammer says:

    Shoot first… second and third – and don't worry about consequences, you're a cop – there are none.

  14. Sean Sean says:

    mistake??? Or recklessness? Because reckless homicide is a charge!! The family should really look into that.

  15. Run_it_up says:

    Blue lives matter


    The crooked people you hire for a job

  17. Hugh G Rection says:

    Bloodthirsty badged bastards.I hope they get their just desserts

  18. Dave Stambaugh says:

    Police murder good guys with guns. Owning a gun is dangerous when living in a police state.

  19. Donna Riggs says:

    No winners here at all. Maybe if some of the crap democrat governors would STOP RELEASING PRISONERS and KEEP the BORDERS CLOSED ..people/cops won't be on the edge…FEAR is literally killing this country! I am sorry for everyone involved and the scum that they were looking for has some accountability in this too!
    Condolences to one's life will be the same again. RIP!

  20. PaNDaSNiP3R says:

    See how they aren’t destroying the town?!? No riots no people getting hurt. Blm Antifa I’m looking at you chumps right now.

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