Family Grieves For First Grader Killed By COVID

As debates over masks and vaccines mark the beginning of a new school year, one Minnesota family is opening up about their heartbreaking loss from the pandemic.


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17 Responses

  1. Out N About KP says:

    Parents needs to stop complaining about homeschooling. I guess they rather have their kids be exposed to covid than to teach them at home. Smfh

  2. Snowflake Yang says:

    "Despiced their loss, Parents should feel okay sending their kids to school this fall." Hmmm.. No Parents should have to lose a child in the first place. But no one will understand or take it seriously until they lose their own.

  3. Lou Yang says:

    Jackson middle school in champlin better take this seriously because today putting all kids and staff in risk . Didn’t follow CDC guideline. Saw that and came back took my daughter home . I see staff and students with no mask indoor super spread new teacher orientation today. Anybody have their kid in this event better go get testing.

  4. J Gonzo says:

    Remember Trump said kids couldn’t catch it yeah

  5. Traitor Hannity says:

    More transparent propaganda and lies from the tv news toilet bowl.

  6. Josh Murray says:

    So why does wcco seem happy about this

  7. Brett Kelly says:

    Sounds fishy. Those doctors need to explain.

  8. professor chaos says:

    I am sure everything will be fine by the time the Minnesota state fair rolls around no mask or vaccine required so nothing bad will happen (sarcasm)

  9. Fish Buritto says:

    Last week they were trying to imply that not getting the vaccine can cause mental retardation. I remember when Michelle Bachman made some claims regarding those subjects. I guess since the new claims fit the narrative, we won't give folks as hard a time as Bachman got.

  10. Dustin Cooper says:

    Did you hear about the toddler who got died from covid19? His first and last words were "I wish I got vaccinated…"

  11. BKK says:

    Notice they are targeting children now

  12. G Pow says:

    What are they leaving out of this story?

  13. Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated says:

    Sad covid is still taking lives

  14. Zeli Lee says:

    Way too young to die of anything, so sorry for the family.

  15. Massy Flor says:

    So Sad and Bad Doctors!

  16. J Gonzo says:

    Remember Trump said kids couldn’t catch it yeah

  17. sauceupjay says:

    First and dang

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