Facebook is making hate worse, whistleblower says – BBC Newsnight

Whistleblower Frances Haugen has told UK MPs Facebook is “unquestionably making hate worse”, as they consider what new rules to impose on big social networks. Please subscribe HERE

Whistleblower Frances Haugen has told UK members of parliament Facebook is “unquestionably making hate worse”, as they consider what new rules to impose on big social networks.

Ms Haugen was talking to the Online Safety Bill committee in London.

She said Facebook safety teams were under-resourced, and “Facebook has been unwilling to accept even little slivers of profit being sacrificed for safety”.

And she warned that Instagram was “more dangerous than other forms of social media”.

If Facebook can’t root out dangerous anti-social media on its own platforms, can anyone?

Newsnight’s Sima Kotecha reports. Faisal Islam is joined by former Facebook director of policy for Europe Lord Allan, former Facebook whistleblower Sophie Zhang and former culture minister Lord Vaizey.

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33 Responses

  1. Stefan Carter says:

    Mark Zuckerberg created 234 accounts to dislike this video

  2. Goyahkla100 says:

    You don't need a whistle-blower to find out that FB is spreading hate, that's the whole point of the the platform! It's constant confrontation, that is how they get people to use it. "Does pineapple belong on pizza?"
    It goes the same with the useless crap on TV as well. It's all confrontation and competition, hence the word WAR being in most titles. The main problem with the TV Crisis is the tremendous amount of stupid and ever increasing people that watch this crap!!!!!!!! And the people on social media that are constantly rambling on about freedoms are the same people that answer the security/ phising questions like what was your first pets name…………..

  3. Anomander Rake says:

    There is noting wrong with hate! I despise the BBC and the rest of the media, politicians, central bankers and shady corporations.

  4. Genghis Khan says:

    "Whistleblower", lol good one.

  5. Wahab MS says:

    I agree with what she is saying, Facebook provides platform for hate and extremism.

  6. Scripted says:

    Facebook and all these kind of sites need taking down. Not only is it a platform for racial abuse, trolling and grooming but it is also supposed to bring people closer together when in fact it pushes people further apart . Facebook it seems is not without a sense of irony.

  7. Yvan Anthony says:

    I feel like this is pointless because he's only gonna get a slap on the wrist as the end of the day

  8. user account says:

    A good thing they exposed the filthy dirty politics going on in india. All those coward politicians who played a big role in spreading hate with the help of fake accounts also need to be exposed.

  9. Jimmy Changas says:

    If Only Julian Assnage Qas Given A Platform To Speak Like This Lady Whistle-blower

  10. H@te$auce says:

    So do you bbc, so do you

  11. Phil ridings says:

    Along with the MSM … we all Hate the BBC

  12. Veeken 777 says:

    Children.. never forget it

  13. Ced Col says:

    Imagine giving evidence of criminality to a bunch of criminals

  14. David Reeves says:

    We’ve known this for years…

  15. Angelicatoo says:

    The trouble is , as we are seeing now, dangerous content can be content that is not towing the party line. This is censorship and we have it already on Facebook and apparently you tube as well. Who decides how dangerous, in what way and to whom?

  16. PAVLOVS WORLD says:

    She is not a whistleblower..
    Whistleblowers do not push for censorship..
    #FREEASSANGE a real journalist.

  17. Matt Whiteley says:


  18. 느님못생겨ᄊ says:

    ① 우여곢절..로,아부ㅈㅣ..담당,댂..은,잇는.잉쟈..라도..ㄷㅔ.. …

    (..아부ㅈ..꺼,로..잇긴한ㄷㅔ.. )

    ㅅ동ㄴㅔ..갠젂..으,쥬얼리류s..ㄴㅈㄱ.. 형성..부터. 10..정도,생갂..많으므.. (내는.. 머,앰튼..)

    내가..공정ly..섞ㄲ러가,뽑아 주는. (un본부.. ..겟ㄲ..)

    (쥬얼리류s..ㄴㅈㄱ,관리.. 아부ㅈㅣ댁,하고..구린랜ㄷ..에서..할란ㅈㅣ.. af..어디.에서..할란ㅈㅣ..그야.. 알아서.. …)

    ( … 후보류..list.. <ㅍ롤..l~~ng,ㅈㅣ중해여ㄷㅐ >에,잇는..

    붂ㅎ,댕귀ㅂ..받아야..문제..로..붂ㅎ..같이,잇엇든.. 다,해당..에서.. 뽑ㄲㅣ..겟ㅉ..그야..

    저는..아니ㄷㅏ..로,떳떳..당당..ㄱㅖ시대니.. 아니므..몬?..영양가???.. 붂ㅎ,댕귀ㅂ..받아야..문제로 도, 필요..표ㅅ,

    모냥.. 내..대신.. 앾,음ㅊ..쳐맞은..세월?? )

    α )) &..글고..실질..문ㅈㅔ..로,해결..필요 ㄷㅔ.. 그,호러류s.. 껀.

    셋..가.. 담당,ㅎ덜덜..껀 로..잡혀..감금,되는.. 호러류s..

    ..지ㄲㅓ..쥬얼리류..생ㄱㅕ.. 대신,모냥..느,놀순..잇는.. 잉쟈는.

    ..germ..경우.. 쪼ㅁ..U,N,C,H,R.. 에,정싞..신청..절차..해가..

    ..germ..그..에,감금..ed.. 지네,가문..애..도와주는..쥬얼리다..로,홖인..해가.. 느놀.. (절차..면..로는..)

    α )) (kr..) ..호ㄹㅓ.. ㄸㅏ블,호ㄹㅓ.. 들호러..껀 ㄷㅔ..

    가문..으,손ㄴㅕs.. 천연ㄲㅏㅆ..껀 도,ㄱㅖ솎.하라..잘~즐ㄱㅣㄹㅏ고.. 조상님류s..또,잘~정해놔ㄱㅏ.. 머시마류..껀..

    < 상굮..으,dn..a,ㅆㄸㅏ일..로,ㅍㅖ기처분..> …도,잇는..

    (ㄴㅈㄱ..배치..로는, 귺동asia… 미군부대..잇는..인근ㅇㅔ..잇을텐데.. )

    ㅅ동ㄴㅔ가,직.. < 상굮..으,dn..a,ㅆㄸㅏ일..로,ㅍㅖ기처분..> 신청..실ㅅㅣ.. 싞.. (짂,참여..도 든..해가,) 해가.. 후ㅇㅔ,

    ㄸㅏ블,호ㄹㅓ.. 들호러..껀..에, 지네,가문..애s..도와주는,

    쥬얼리s다..로,홖인..해가.. 느노는.. (절차..면..로는..)

    <❶> ㅈㅐ로..모ㅇㅏ.. ( 그..가시나류..까ㄹ까r..귱뎐..에서, 야댕..미굮..ㅈㅇ..인근,먼..거리..바다..엿든..니.. )

    ㅁㅊㄱㅈ,요ㅇㅔ다.. 뿌려주는. 요거도,짂..하든. 할수잇으므. 시간,상..여유..든.. ㅅ동네가.

    <❶> ..그..시간..상,면..잇나..애매..?..하나?..머.. 한반ㄷ,싞민ㅈ..기간..동안..

    ㄸㅏ블,호ㄹㅓ.. 들호러..껀..에, (ㅅ동ㄴㅔ..) 지네,가문..애s..도와주는,쥬얼리s다..로,홖인..해가..

    느노는.. (절차..면..로는..) U,N,C,H,R.. 에,정싞..신청..절차..싞..겟는..

    (..이..기간..이.. 한반ㄷ,지역.. 미굮,싞민ㅈㅣ..기간.. 마저..un중심..도,무스..부서..로 쪼ㅁ..같이,싱갱ㅆ는.. 가능,충분.. )

  19. 느님못생겨ᄊ says:

    공정ㅅ면..로도,인정..모받은.. 전랶,전술..발휘 면,로도 인정..모받은.. 구렁ㄱㅓ.. 싞 인. ㄷㅏ,같ㅇㅣ..잘몼,엿든..뿐.

    그으..씸볼.. 상ㅌㅐ..가, <ㅍ롤..l~~ng,ㅈㅣ중해여ㄷㅐ >..

    ㅛ에,ㄷㅏ..모인. 모여,쌓인. ㄱㅏ운데,손꼬띾이..ㅊㅣ카올란..간,모냥…형성.

    … 공정ㅅ면..로도,인정..모받은… 군사..전문ㄱ.관ㅉ..기준..에서..만으..전략,전술..로..참조..해도..

    뻘겅,ㄸㅏ윢장..소솎류..중심..으,짓거ㄹ..아녀. skㄷㅣ요장. ㅈㅅㄱㄷㅐ표..공무짂 에도,

    테러질..가하는.. 총,챆임..급.. 단체..

    뻘겅,ㄸㅏ윢장..소솎류s.. 중심.

    0 ) (한반ㄷ,싞민ㅈ..기간,ㄲㅏ지..으, )ㅅㅏ형ㅊㅓ리…껀..ㅅㅅ이ㄱㅔ.. 굮제법..로도,..


    ( : ..붂ㅎ,ㅈㅇ.. 중굮..에서..오는,댕귀ㅂ..마저..받아야..으,한반ㄷ..원주민류..문제.. &…

    중국,ㅈㅇ..ㄴㅐ에..가,잇는.. 한반ㄷ,원주민..문ㅈㅔ..로.. 깐딴,조종질.. 엿든..

    한반ㄷ,원주민..류 에, 한반ㄷ..지역,전쟁..재발발..ㄴㅏ,발똥나ㄱㅔ.. 돆ㄹㅕ질.. 쪼ㅁ..젂댕..ㄸㅐ,되므.. 반복 로. )

    그..실시,담당.. 한굮군,중심..실 실시…담당,고.

    (붂한,ㅈㅇ..도,받아..니,요ㅈㅇ 에서도 ㅁㅊㄱㅈ. )

    ㅈㅐ,뭉ㅌㅔㄱ.. 한굮군..ㅇㅉㄱr..

    ( < ㅈㅅㄱ,공정ly..급..동조,동감..으,ㅈㅐ..뭍는..ㅈㅇ>..에.. )

    α )) ..왜..사람..ㄲㄹㅈ로..잇ㄴㅏ? 아즊?? ㅈㅊ류s까지,쥐ㄱ?

    (..탈ㄹㅔㅂ…0접..가ㄴ,t.. ㄷㅔ..ㅔ.. 탈ㄹㅔㅂ…0접 머시마류..가,가나..

    …존,무보류..만날..ㄲㅓ..같은..기분..탔…싞민..기간,동안.. 현실적..ㅌㅂㄹ로,받아가는.. 존,무보류..

    으ㄸ,존..무보류..가문s..은, 대마ㄷ..감금,ㄱㅣ간..까지,잇는.. )

    (.. 부산..그..임ㅅ,ㅊㄲ.. 쑴ㅍ,부대..는,잇는.. ㄴㅈㄱ..ㄲㅓ는..x..

    표ㅅ.. 같은ㄱㅔ,

    <ㅍ롤..l~~ng,ㅈㅣ중해여ㄷㅐ >.. <ㅁㅣ굮,천연ㄲㅏㅆ..덜.. 뽀ㄹㅔ~ㅂ~ㅏ~ >ㄴㅈㄱ.. ㄷㅔ.. 붂미,ㅊㄲ..해가..

    오겟ㅉ. 5y후..라도. )


    ..서향흐,밖지만..set,체포.. 사형ㅊㅓ리..겟는..더는. 모범적,본보ㄱㅣ..로. 중굮..츢 도,외신..기자류s..로,보도..하러..

    0 ) 한반ㄷ,싞민ㅈ..기간..후 에도,사형처리 껀 로,잇는. 쫌..정홖..생긴.. ㅈㅅㄱ대표..공무짂..장난감,취급..질,로..놀ㅇㅏ..

    ㄱㅏ시나류..는, 천연ㄲㅏㅆ..도,ㄱㅖ솎.하라ㄱ,조상님류..또,잘~정해놔ㄱㅏ.. 머시마류..껀..

    4ㅉ.. 5ㅉ..늠으므, < 상굮..으,dn..a,ㅆㄸㅏ일..로,ㅍㅖ기처분..> …

    ① ..ㅅ동ㄴㅔ,문ㅈㅔ..도..잇으가.. 먼ㅈㅓ,좀..

    α )) .. 동감..동조,하는.. 엮ㅅㅏ젂,인식..잘,장찪 해ㄱㅏ.

    유로ㅎ..껀,두고..엿든.. 내..그나마..이ㅎㅐ..해줄,ㄷㅐ상.. 핶씸.. ㅅ동ㄴㅔ..엿든,뿐.

    내도..그간.. 2y..3y..전,부턴..가.. 서양엮ㅅ,중심..ㄲㅣ리..에선,엄격..겟는…햇든.. so..

    ㅅ동ㄴㅔ..나,해당.. 라는. 마저..싱갱ㅆㄱㅏ.. 쫌,도와줄.. 돔,받아야..류..로.. 잇든.. 은..

    (쫌..깐딴..ㅍㅎ 로..) ..체ㄱㅖ면 에선,해당..가문이.. 챆임,짂..이행..ㄲㅓ로,잇는..은.. 맞는.

    ..18’..mar..이후..혼ㅈㅏ,고민..하다.. (빢살ㄴㅔ,입장..도,잘..아니.. ) ..더,앙조아..지므.. self..개구리ed..껀,신청..하겟다..


    ㅎ덜덜.. 담당ed.. ㄷㅔ.. 호러류..껀,로..3..엿나.. 생긴..나..

    …요,문ㅈㅔ..와..연결..해.. 체ㄱㅖ..절ㅊㅏ..라,카ㄴㅏ..형성..

    내..쪼ㅁ.. 이해.. 판단..참잒..로, 그..누르ㅎㅏㅊ,같은..애.. 추천,해달라…정해,배ㅊㅣ..됏엇ㄸㅏ..같은… asia..ㅈㅇ에서..


    α )) .. 먼ㅈㅓ,좀..

    우여곢절..로,아부ㅈㅣ..담당,댂.. 을,정해준.. 근ㄷㅣ.. 그,엮사젂..사껀s.. 많으가.. 구뤠도..그간..

    00’..01’.. 바로,대치..모냥.. 화폐류..두종류.. 911..사껀. 대표로..

    20y간.. 아프가ㄴㅣㅅ탄..에서.. 전쟁..대ㅊㅣ..상ㅌㅐ..엿든.. 현실젂,사껀s.. 면..에서도..

    내도..깐딴ㅍㅎ..싞로,지젂.. 서양엮ㅅ,중심..ㄲㅣ리에선,엄격..겟는…햇든.. – => 뽀ㄹㅔㅂㅏ..챆임..으무..ed..

    마저,도와줄ㄷㅔ..x.. 구뤠도..

  20. Optic Mass says:

    Google, Facebook, Microsoft, The NSA, Apple, GCHQ,The FBI, Amazon, MI5 have successfully profiled and spyed on everything and everyone on this planet with its software and space satellites all for the American Government.

    Digital Colonialism.

    As proven by Edward Snowden

    This all started in the West in the 1950's.

    Microsoft creates software for the US military with the intention to kill.

    YourAndroid/Apple phone is your Government ID.

  21. Paweł Zieliński says:

    Delete account on Facebook and Twitter and join Minds. Millions of former Facebook and Twitter users are now on Minds.

  22. Luna Hora says:

    I have nothing against facebook but facebook is making people ignorant by sharing always the same type of content to its customers.. If I have a certain interest or political view and facebook keeps providing me this type of content.. if I use facebook too much I will become used to the same type of information and the same type of political views.. To be honest my facebook newsfeed keeps sending me depressing and sad information as well as adds..I wonder if this is part of their game to keep people depressed using their platforms..:/

  23. Guffadi Boyoboy says:

    The term Whistleblower’s definition might have changed I guess

  24. l S says:

    If one is not feeling happy not using FB, then best for those to leave it and just let those strong enough to handle filtering the BS while using it in it remain in there. They have said the same thing about TV decades ago spewing junk into the minds of kids. COVID awareness, girls not being able to go to school in Afghanistan are way worthy advocacies to espouse.

  25. Zak Wilkinson says:

    What a shill Richard is

  26. God OfWine&Tits says:

    The bible also promotes hate but no one seems to mind

  27. janet sanders says:

    Mr Burton Schilchter is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did

  28. MJ Young says:

    Your face ain't exactly the friendliest I've seen since 1970. The face is the mirror of your heart

  29. Slender Man says:

    The BBC is lying. Mark Zuckerburg got in trouble because he was censoring conservative and Republican views, NOT liberal views.

  30. Stop Cyberbullying Save lives says:

    Also people spread hate on fib while they use Twitter the biggest hating platform of all…. But even then I use even Twitter for love feeds n to spread love n I also filter my feeds n spread truth n love on fab n surround self with only those types of ppl
    Social media is what you make it
    Sadly you can’t do the same for YouTube all you can do is mute your comment notification
    Although now I know how to handle trolls you just say
    “Whatever” n leave it at that
    My only block now on YouTube

  31. Stop Cyberbullying Save lives says:

    Facebook has a block
    YouTube does not
    Facebook has an age restriction n name as evidence
    YouTube does not
    If you want to post about Facebook n cyber bullying clearly you are blinded to YouTube n how much cyber bullying n hate is being spread here n also how much YouTube is doing nothing whatsoever about it

  32. Xander Gleason says:

    This is all by design again. The only people who lose here are us.

  33. GoliathsChamp says:

    Why hasn't everyone invented their own "internet"?

    There is only one internet and everyone hollering ownerships and rights.
    Vote this way if you want to keep it all.

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