Extraction Tyler's Ending Death Scene | Extraction (2020) Extraction Chris Hemsworth Death Scene |

Extraction Tyler’s Final Death Scene |
Extraction Tyler Dying Scene
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32 Responses

  1. Mac says:

    All the reviewers criticising this film for being a saviour film, clearly didnt understand the plot. Tyler may save Ovi, but Ovi saves Tyler too.

  2. Lazar Babic says:


  3. Arumba says:

    live by the gun die by the gun.

  4. NUGGET T says:

    Hey guys he's survived.There is already extraction 2 trailer officially by netflix

  5. Achintha Hansika says:

    "You saw Extraction 2 trailer and came here to see Extraction 1 final scene "

  6. SkyTv says:

    Who is here after extraction 2 promo

  7. Surya Ramprakash says:

    He’s actually Alive If you have seen the Teaser for It’s Sequel

  8. Royal Rage says:

    He is alive guys. Just saw the trailer.

  9. Pramod Patil says:

    He is back now extraction 2

  10. double_T says:

    To everyone who disagreed with me that Tyler survived, Netflix just released a teaser for Extraction 2 where Tyler regains consciousness underwater and swims up to the surface.

    Feel free to tell me I told ya so. WE'RE GETTING EXTRACTION 2 BABY

  11. Josiah Miller says:

    POV: you are here after watching the new extraction 2 trailer

  12. Sple X says:

    Who after the extraction 2 teaser

  13. Pew DiePie says:

    He survives this

  14. Parasite_eve35 says:

    If anyone see the extraction 2 trailer Tyler is still alive and somehow survive

  15. Balázs Kádár says:

    2:44 the water is clear enough to flow through pakistan and india 😀
    if not the shots, then the infection will kill the poor Tyler in the reallity.
    Thanks Netflix
    (by the way isnot bad movie)

  16. Kajal patil says:

    Aftar this movie part 2 announcement

  17. Lester Jones says:

    Him drowning in the river is similar to the scene in the end of winter solder where caps drowns but only to be saved by the winter soldier

  18. Sudhakar Mane says:

    He is alive

  19. dylan says:

    POV: you came here after the new trailer

  20. ezzio says:

    bucky is alive

  21. Cojocari Anatolie says:

    idk how he didnt died but he died HARD i mean for real HE DIED

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