Juan and Matt React to Bandman Kevo Credit Advice.

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14 Responses

  1. Jugg King says:

    The black man wins again !!
    ,jealous will leave ur cheeks red lol

  2. This guy is a clown. Wealthy parents have been doing for their children for years. This is what happens when you’re uneducated and judging someone off of their image

  3. Romeo O says:

    Yall are just hating on Bandman because he stacks paper to the ceiling and rides on 24 inch chrome.

  4. "if your making that kind of money you won't be doing YouTube" dude wtf are you talking about lol

  5. Tyvion Shaw says:

    If it’s a B lot for the vehicles they won’t check into it

  6. Tyvion Shaw says:

    They doing that so they can get vehicles or phones

  7. Spam the dislikes button on all his videos ! 80% of the videos you uploaded is tryna take down a black men & which there trying to feed their family & help other , meanwhile y’all sit and tryna make y’all money off bashing them ? Y’all ain’t got nothing else to talk about on the podcast? Try helping instead of hurting ..

  8. I got a 664 in a month but that’s easy

  9. If they talking about your doing something right

  10. Lorde Bangs says:

    He’s a rapper too.. he definitely has money he does shows.

  11. NoPauseTv says:

    When you're black, you're never really lonely…..

  12. This is what you call hating on a black man find time to educate us more instead of making a whole video bashing a man who most likely is worth more than both of you put together

  13. videsjlv says:

    Finally someone who’s calling him out on his shit

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