Explaining the Opioid Crisis & Emerging Lawsuits – Attorney Neil Woods explains

Explaining the Opioid Crisis & Emerging Lawsuits – Attorney Neil Woods explains. Read more at our website:

Listen as attorney Neil Woods explains the details of emerging lawsuits against opioid drug manufacturers, and whether you may have a case.

Opioids can be extremely addictive and deadly, but they continue to be prescribed by doctors. Most people know someone who has died from opioids, and successful Canadian lawsuits against manufacturers may inspire similar lawsuits in the United States.

The opioid crisis exists due to wrongdoing by opioid manufacturers. The fact that some towns across the US have more opioid prescriptions than people living in those towns is clear evidence of a major problem with these products being abused. Lawsuits allege that the manufacturers were aware of this problem.

Addicts shift from being patients to being customers, which parallels the tobacco industry and its lawsuits. There have also been cases in which drug manufacturers have pled guilty to paying kickbacks to doctors that promote opioid use, moving more of their product. Extensive marketing of opioid drug products – some of it aimed at children and teenagers – serves as evidence that manufacturers have shamefully exploited the market for opioids.

Selective sharing of information to doctors regarding the addictive nature of opioids led to doctors and patients being misled as to the dangers of these drugs. With an average of approximately 91 opioid overdoses each day, within 10 years opioid medications will kill more Americans than World War 2. The growing sales of prescription opioids outpaces the legitimate prescription needs. Drug overdoses kill more people under 50 than car accidents at the time of writing.

While it is difficult to be certain in these early stages, it is expected that compensation could be gained for rehab costs, lost wages, or even funeral expenses. Other damages sought may include pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages. The plaintiff in many cases will be the family members of people who have died from opioid use. These lawsuits require that the person who was injured or died must have had a prescription at the time of injury. Woods & Woods can investigate and subpoena records to determine drugs prescribed to your loved one.

Our lawsuits against opioid manufacturers will not require that you pay money up front, and virtually no clients will have to go to court or meet with us in person. These cases may be Multi-District Lawsuits or Class Action Lawsuits. The MDL is approved and at the time of writing is planned to combine cases from around the country into one case taking place in an Ohio court. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have questions about opioids or would like to discuss whether you should join a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, I want you to call me at 800-544-2108. I welcome your call. Visit our website at to reference our educational library.

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    Need help my wife pass 3 week ago

  2. Advocate For A TYT Canada says:

    I'm Canadian and so the laws are different and I realize this, but having to have a prescription "At the time of injury", seems bizzar to me. So if you die while prescribed painkillers you can sue. But if you develop an addiction, DIRECTLY related by these prescriptions, you can't go forward on the lawsuit ??

  3. Lisa Mitchell says:

    Can I sue my dr for prescribing Tramadol to me for over a decade then cutting me off & refusing to taper me at a rate I can tolerate
    Im in WV
    Filled out your online form

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