Experian “Tools” – Commercial (:15)

Turbulence with your finances? Smooth things out by downloading the free Experian app today – it can find you credit cards that could help you save and so much more.

Results may vary. See experian.com for details. ©2021 Experian

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6 Responses

  1. Pure Ruckus Power says:

    Long live Taiwan. Right Cena?

  2. Kyle Kalmbach says:

    Fuck this company they're a scam. Don't trust them to send anyone a credit report for you. They've just signed you up for a membership that's gonna cost you 21.95

  3. EpicGamerDoge says:

    I dont get it, it was just 15 seconds of nothing. awful marketing.

  4. Harrypotamus says:

    He would know a lot about raising a certain credit score

  5. Razi says:

    Who is talking besides the narrator? I didn't see anything

  6. SweptApostle says:

    I bet he's on his way to beg the emperor of china for forgiveness

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