Experian Credit Expert My Story

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this video is about experian credit expert My Story where I describe how much we rely on those agencies, and they more often than not get it wrong.

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file a credit dispute with experian

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3 Responses

  1. Kathryn Brock says:

    Am so happy my life is going according to plan,i started by having a difficult time my fico score was so low i could not secure any loan and the little i had was been used to support previous debts but fortunately for me, A friend introduced me to Michael Gibbs from CREDIT PATCH LLC AND all my previous debts and negative record were swiped off i presently have a credit score of 780 a debt of $10K was cleared. Reach out to him for credit solution [Gibbs@creditpatchup.com] Cheers..

  2. Anderson Ferreira says:

    Just get so angry. Noodle says my score is 588 and Experian 928. At the end I've being declined even for Three to get a new phone even being their customer for more than 3 years with no issues with outstanding payments.

  3. K bee says:

    Fuck the banks, I hate them with a passion

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