Examining Bernie Madoff and His Schemes | Multi Level Monday

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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47 Responses

  1. Bard Bloom says:

    Hi ollinaighti! You just warned us nott to call you transphobic names , and I can't follow up directions, so I am gonna call you The Investigrrater, or King of Arroz com Pollo (hoping that's transphobic enough, or Lysisyratum (one Lysisyrata), or Podcaster I listen to when severe edema has bedriddified me
    Anyways love the cast despite significant brain damage

  2. Justin Watson says:

    Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is the second-biggest in history. The biggest is capitalism.

  3. devraj jagadesan says:

    Hai miss, please help to research about a MLM caller Super life which is very popular in Asia and Africa now

  4. Antilles says:

    I just discovered your channel and I love you

  5. zaberfang says:

    Hard to trust a guy named Madoff.

  6. Zog Wort says:


  7. Vinnie Kleiner says:

    I like how I started this video a week ago didn't finish it

    and now it's a part of my homework to watch this guy lol

    thanks for this

    now get some sleep

  8. Seek1878 says:

    Too bad the magic spoon cereals are only sold in $40 bundles. That means they are close to $10 a box for CEREAL.

  9. Kappa says:

    Just discovered how GOOD your videos are!

  10. KaylaAnne _mua says:

    Can you do a video on I genius mlm

  11. Jared Hays says:

    I always find it mildly ironic that people trusted a financial advisor named Madoff. How much more on the nose could a name be??

  12. James Konzek says:

    Bernie was a silly goose!

  13. no one says:

    Stuff like this will keep on happening, as long as people have even ounce of greed in their mind and that ain't going nowhere. Almost everyone would use loopholes and effective schemes, if they'd know how.

  14. David Meier says:

    If his scheme happened today, he would've been punished with a slap on the wrist.

  15. Guardian Demon says:

    “don’t need sleeves on my shirt just rip ‘em off, and leave them exposed like Bernie Madoff.” -Garfunkel and Oates, this party took a turn for the douche

  16. magusxxx says:

    I immediately thought of Madoff when watching the Game of Thrones episode where a rich man was made to open his vault. Which was completely empty. Proving influence was more important than wealth.

  17. Amanda Dixson says:

    Remember when Martha Stewart went to prison because she was front running a hedge on Enron before the market crashed in 99?

    Oh yes….

  18. Elias Ross says:

    Bernie Madoff eventually returned 80% of investor's money, so all things considered it wasn't that bad of a Ponzi Scheme, which often results in a complete loss to investors. Losing 20% of an investment's value isn't unusual. I suppose the sense of betrayal was what makes this case famous. If it was an institutional investor (bank/broker) that lost 20% of their customer's money it wouldn't have made the front page news.

  19. Rose says:

    bruh almost thought that said bernie sanders

  20. Steven Corcoran says:

    >Saved up the equivalent of $44,000 from one year of lifeguard work.
    See this is why my parents and grandparents told me you can afford collage with your summer job.

  21. Agent Orange says:

    Bernie Madoff with loads of money , no one thinks the name is weirdly fitting? Naughtiiness

  22. Sil Marillian says:

    If it looks to good to be true it probably is

  23. B B says:

    Man im 40 and very pessimistic. Hardened by life due to things i see everywhere and everyday. I really wish i could have that outlook that Mr. Weisel had. Idk how he did it? Especially since he saw true evil when just a youngster

  24. WhittyWhitts says:

    Looks like Bernie “Madoff” with a lot of money!

  25. Matthew Stinar says:

    What astounds me is how completely ordinary it is for balance sheets to show substantive returns with little to no economic productivity to back them up. Most valuations are built on hypothetical sales to the greater fool.

    Apple's valuation shot past $1T without ever paying a dividend. The only thing connecting the valuation to the company's productivity was hopes and dreams.

    Your typical retirement account isn't different enough from what Bernie Madoff created to deserve any credibility. It will only continue to pay out as long as there is a greater fool willing to hand their money to retirees.

  26. Hurtn Albertn says:

    A government agency being ineffective, lazy, and negligent? Imagine my surprise. who's ever heard of such a thing?
    Also a Jew ripping off a holocaust survivor is one of the most evil things I've ever heard of, it's just so unspeakably wrong.

  27. RyderMCG says:

    You can say the man truly….

    Puts on sunglasses

    Madeoff with peoples money

  28. Annika Heiskanen says:

    i love this vid, but i do have one suggestion. instead of just a general trigger warning for suicide, mention that youre going to have graphic depictions of suicide and self harm up front. im several years clean from self harm, and im okay with talking abt it in the abstract, but specific details tend to bring up painful memories, and id assume that holds true for lots of people. or just dont include the details, i think the segment had enough weight to it without them.

  29. The Nut Dealer says:

    I guess you can say that Bernie Made off with the money

  30. Joe M says:

    He Madoff with a lot of people's hard earned cash.

    I'll see myself out.

  31. jetseekers says:

    Hey. Always interwsted in more info about Bernie Madoff.
    Also, how's Casper doing? (Havent checked in in a while tbh)

  32. thegameplayer125 says:

    now you need to do worldcom so that way you did the holy trinity of american business corruption in the 2000s (enron, worldcom, madoff)

  33. ICA says:

    You gotta stop walking on eggshells… the FCC most likely didn't care so long as money was flowing and made their books look good.

  34. Aljaž Božičko says:

    SEC: Do our job!

  35. ᑏᐊ ᕗᐃᓴᓐ says:

    I like the editing of your videos

  36. ᑏᐊ ᕗᐃᓴᓐ says:

    I haven't heard of Bernie Madoff, but I like learning new things with this channel.

  37. BlueSpiritFire1 says:

    Not quite on the Madoff scale but….I'm grimacing about the currently unfolding Girardi stuff when she says "hopefully we don't see anything like this in the future".

  38. Chihirolee3 says:

    When you think about how this guy got away with his scam for so long, there's 100% guarantee that there are others who have yet to be caught.

  39. Candice Carter says:

    This is terrible. I am happy he caught. Please do Kmart store. Keep up good work.

  40. Hannah Campbell says:

    The SEC has been in the pockets of dirty hedgefunds since the beginning. Not surprised it took so long to actually catch Madoff. If this interests you, you should look into Citadel….

  41. Maria Stevens says:

    12:40 bullshit, he brought the SEC up to speed when they needed help. They were simply turning their heads for hush money, more or less. Makes them just as guilty and they should be prosecuted as well.

  42. Maria Stevens says:

    A perfect example of how badly psychopaths hurt society. He's definitely a psychopath from the sound of it.

  43. What's A Good Username? says:

    Iray ho an'ny algorithm

  44. quotetheraven90 says:

    Juice gonna be juice

  45. Donna Mark says:

    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  46. Thomas Jones says:

    The SEC has no clout and no teeth under the law. People willfully crashing the entire system cause death and despair among citizens, and the fines are set in terms from the 1930s, or even earlier. This is on purpose, and you will never see it improve.

  47. marla rose says:

    I honestly hated the book night by eli whesil. Mean i get it was real and was horrible i just didnt feel anything other than anoyed. But that may also been becuse it was the third consecutive year an english class shoved a jewish holocaust book down my throught and beged me to feel sad bout it. I wont feel sad i wont feel anytging i have autism my empathy just comes and goes as it fin pleases i get more upset bout dogs than i do any person. What really anoyed me bout those three years is that it caused me to be antisemitic for a while although i dont know anyone antisemitic. I just had to grow up a bit and realise that just becuse a group of people can seem generally whiny dosent mean anything. They are just as broken as every other idiot on the planet.

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