Ex-NFL Star Almost Dies from Ex but he's STILL going to Jail?! CALL IN SHOW

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Intro➜Future & The Weeknd – Low Life Trap Remix (Apato Remix)
Outro➜Phetsta – Push it to the Limit (Bootleg)
Afterhours➜Laura Branigan – Self Control (New Techno Remix 2021)
0:00-1:00 : Intro/Announcements
3:00 : Update on Girl who got Frank Castled
6:10 : Today’s topic!
8:45 : Who are Terrelle Pryor & Shalaya Briston? (Wiki)
13:10 : Fresh’s & Myron’s thoughts on the situation
16:30 : Myron :- “Women cannot control frame”
20:00 : The problem with not having game
23:10 : Superchats!
29:15 : FnF Spirit Bomb Announcement
31:00 : 1st Caller
(Will the marriage laws improve?)
33:30 : Superchats!
35:20 : 2nd Caller!
38:50 : 3rd Caller!
41:10 : 4th Caller!
(Amazing suggestion😹)
47:00 : 5th Caller!
(Talks about today’s topic)
49:00 : Myron talks about Kodak interview
51:00 : 6th Caller!
52:30 : 7th Caller!
56:00 : Superchats!
58:00 : Fresh Vs. Chris
1:01:50 : 8th Caller!
1:03:15 : 9th Caller!
1:07:00 : 10th Caller!
1:09:00 : LIKE THE VIDEO (I am a female caller, accept me.lol)
1:11:50 : 11th Caller!
1:14:45 : 12th Caller! / Superchats
1:18:30 : Outro


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30 Responses

  1. snipe4ReVeNgE says:

    For the ALGO. Much love guys … Pause.

  2. Moe Mrizzle says:

    Great show fellas! Definitely gotta tune into one of these live so I can call in.

  3. LaKendric West says:

    For the algo

  4. Fer-De-Lance says:

    What is a 304?

  5. P-DUBZ duharte6969 says:

    Push it to the limit

  6. Player says:

    For the algo, fellas ✌️

  7. N B says:

    Chris and Daquan have matching vegeta hairline. For the algo.

  8. Reginald Kuebrich says:

    Some dudes like crazy women just like some women like crazy ass dudes. She ruined his career at the end of it.

  9. jose diaz says:

    For the algo love what yall do keep it up

  10. xAzo Goddi says:

    For the algorithm

  11. Hasaan says:

    For the algo!!

  12. Illie L says:

    One-way aggression strikes again!!! One is punished while the other is not!!

  13. Tony says:

    For the algo. Keep it up boys.

  14. Taylor Graybill says:


  15. Juwan Catchings says:

    For the Algo

  16. Trey D says:

    The moron deserves everything that happens to him.

  17. Shane Banks says:

    I sent this to Aaron on accident instead of Trey for you guys to talk about. FOR THE ALGORITHM!!!!

  18. la pulga says:

    For the algorithm

  19. ElevatedEntertainment says:

    For the algorithm

  20. Kay Aye says:

    For the algo

  21. MichaelAngelo says:

    Women do less jail time in prison to no jail time at all compared to men, this is why she can smile in her mugshot! Also, I can not feel sorry for a guy who would put himself in harm way just to be with a woman who’s also violent! Remember Jodi Arias she killed her boyfriend and almost got away with it except that she took pictures or video of the crime and police had recover the footage after she attempted to destroy the evidence by putting the camera in the laundry/ washing machine.

  22. Alexander Taylor says:

    For the algo !! Shout out the knowledge about women !

  23. Sam Saban says:

    For the algo, love from your Lebanese brother

  24. Jaime Reyes says:

    For the algo

  25. INDIONYC VAPE says:

    I'm surprised she's still alive

  26. EmeraldGamingNewz says:

    Yo this is crazy fresh doesn’t even stutter anymore congratulations you’ve been putting in the work

  27. ኢምፓየር Daily says:

    Gdudheskv ksbsjskvb jkbdle

  28. Gergely Szűcs says:

    for the algo

  29. Karabo Molele says:

    After getting stabbed, he should've walked. Hopefully he's learned and he'll make better choices.

  30. Jasper Tass says:

    Im learning everyday, may i ask help me extend my understanding of what is a 304. Im a young adult

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