Everything You Need To Know About Inquiries – FICO, Credit Karma, Credit Card, No Credit, Increase

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Everything You Need To Know About Inquiries – FICO, Credit Karma, Credit Card, No Credit, Increase

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how to dispute hard inquiry on credit karma

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10 Responses

  1. J. Lyon Layden's The Looters Revue Show says:

    I have a 755 Experian and a 705 FICO 8 and cannot even get approved for a Discover It or Apple card right now, no exaggeration at all. Not even my own bank WF will approve. Reason stated is always too many Inquiries and newest account not old enough. Wait two years or should I try in 3 months?

  2. David Brown says:

    7 inquiries per report or seven inquiries across all three reports?

  3. Larry Cash says:

    Currency marketing has changed my life I invested $500 in just days of trading I realized $5000 and extra bonus of $750 worth of bitcoin on my wallet just dm @hackerkelly on telegraph for help..

  4. Flexible Mawile says:

    How many inquiries is too many inquiries (in the past year)

  5. 1SwoleNole says:

    Calvin I Need Ya Help, I Have A Question I Applied for the Capital One & Discover It Secured Cards on The same day (And got APPROVED) For my Re-build Credit Journey, I Thought I Was only going to get One Inquiry, Upon Further Observation, I Noticed Capital One Pulled From All 3 bureaus Which gave me 3 Inquiries?!! Discover Pulled from Only Experian and I Got 1 Inquiry?!! I'm Puzzled, because Technically, They Both Report to All 3 bureaus, so Why Did I Get 3 Hard Inquiries from Capital One?? How Is That Right?!,..I Should only Have Only 2 HARD Inquiries?,..Right?,..I Mean, I Only have 2 Credit cards, yet I Have 4 Inquiries To Date from Them?!! Hmmmm,..Hmmmmmm Whats Going On?

  6. Lando CalrisiaN says:

    So Calvin, is it a bad idea to apply for two credit cards at the same time? Will that knock my score down doubly?

  7. Lando CalrisiaN says:

    "Finesse the application" Calvin you keep me weak with laughter man. Help me ooh wee!!

  8. Francine Williams says:

    Hello good job

  9. v h says:

    Very helpful. I have a learned a lot from your videos

  10. deborah anderson says:

    I know, them darn credit inquiries!

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