Ever Wonder Where Trump's Former White House Team Ended Up?

Before taking office, Donald Trump was best known to the world as the former star of a reality TV series. Maybe that’s why watching events unfold in America during his single term as president often felt like watching an episode of The Apprentice, complete with members of his staff taking on the roles of hopeful contestants.

Now that the Trump administration has left the White House, his former staff members have all moved on to different projects, or at least locations. From the key players to the supporting characters, here’s what Trump’s former White House team is up to now.

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Ivanka Trump | 0:00
Jared Kushner | 1:13
Donald Trump Jr. | 2:12
Kayleigh McEnany | 3:26
Hope Hicks | 4:29
Kellyanne Conway | 5:49
Betsy DeVos | 7:00
Elaine Chao | 8:20
Anthony Scaramucci | 9:32
John Bolton | 10:39
Sarah Huckabee Sanders | 11:51
John Ratcliffe | 13:05
Mick Mulvaney | 14:08
Russell Vought | 15:15
Stephanie Grisham | 16:34
Richard Grenell | 17:50
Nikki Haley | 18:59
Jovita Carranza | 20:27

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20 Responses

  1. DumDum Donny says:

    YIKES KAYLEIGH!!! You use to be so cute. All that lying and fighting for an imbecile. Leave the Cult45 losers now sweetheart.

  2. Christian Prepper says:

    Biden's "alleged"??? 4:20
    BWAAAHAHAHA! I guest this channel doesn't listen to Biden's speeches either like the majority of Americans.

  3. Christian Prepper says:

    The FBI has been practicing "pre-crime stings" ever since 9/11. "Baiting" the internet & other avenues in an effort to identify potential homegrown terrorists before they can actually get in contact with real terrorist organizations, become brainwashed, & carry out a real attack. Thus the FBI realized almost 2 decades ago that it's better to expose & manage homegrown terrorists in a controlled manner, prosecute them & imprison them for acting on even just their intent to commit a crime. During such operations "key people" have always been undercover agents – "unindicted co-conspirators". 3:15

  4. Somnath De says:

    Good subject chosen.

  5. JCB says:

    We hope to see them all end up in jail along with their crime boss.

  6. Jgburch says:

    So much attention was placed on Trump but most people overlooked this year number of appointees who had no business in those jobs.

  7. D.L. F. says:

    As far as Bob Marley suck up party ho can't hide… That's my thoughts..

  8. Anna Joan says:

    Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  9. jim dow says:

    Best 4 years of Devos life. Grade 7

  10. jim dow says:

    oh Baby! George I salute you!

  11. jim dow says:

    Mac's severence pay was $130,000

  12. jim dow says:

    Who would marry that sheman

  13. jim dow says:

    LOSER'S !!

  14. Hazel Mcclelland says:

    Biden is even worse. He can’t even speak

  15. David Z says:

    "Bill Hader just doesn't return to SNL for anyone." Nice

  16. Robinsinpost says:

    Not really.

  17. dwreal says:

    Kayleigh was way better than the evil orange woman. She always had an answer and always knew where Trump stood on every issue

  18. tulligman says:

    Best administration in the history of politics.
    Nice to see all these talented people landed on their feet.

  19. Jason Bourne says:

    We're not wondering where his administration is we're waiting for president trump's return.

  20. como “comodice” dice says:

    sweetbeef do you recommend starting mower weekly or just leaving it if you dont use it during a drought for months at a time thanks hot sweet dog

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