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Clansman Trial Day 3: Prosecution’s Witness Testifies
Day 3 of the Clansman trial, the one don gang involving reputed gang leader Andre ‘Black’ Bryan and his 32 co-accused got under way today at the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston.

Auditor General Urges Review of NPL Transactions
The latest Auditor General report into the operations of Nutrition Products Limited, suppliers to the Government’s school feeding programme, has uncovered the company did not always strive to get value for money. It found NPL’s recruitment and selection processes were also below the recommended standard.

Government in Support of Further Investigation into NPL
Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Fayval Williams has responded to the damning reports into the affairs at the state-run Nutrition Products Limited, (NPL). In an address at a post cabinet briefing on Wednesday, September 22, the Minister said ‘let the chips fall where they may.’

UIC Protest Descends into Chaos- Leader Arrested
The leader of Jamaica‚Äôs third registered political party, the United Independents’ Congress (UIC) and several of his supporters were arrested on Wednesday, September 22, after they staged a protest against mandatory vaccination and other national issues.

2-1-1, 24 Hour Hotline to Report Child Abuse
A three digit 24 hour hotline is now operational for children and adults to report incidents of child abuse. Authorities say the hotline is being used to reduce the prevalence of child abuse.

NIDS Bill Tabled in Parliament
The National Identification bill was tabled in the House of Representatives Tuesday, September 21, by Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck. The five part document outlined various sections that speak to personal identification, identity theft and fines for breaches.

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