Erika Addresses The Victims and Reveals Threat Against Sutton! Ft. Dana Wilkey & Jason

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back! Thats right and season 11 is coming in with a BANG!

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31 Responses

  1. Ashley Kelly says:

    I think he was putting in her account without her knowledge

  2. Ashley Kelly says:

    $14 am ex. And total of everything so far was tranferred to EJ. Ronald Richard's, said all this

  3. Ashley Kelly says:

    She said deep pockets and age doesn't matter!

  4. Ashley Kelly says:

    Bc Bethany is Nyc and they are scared of her, jjust like Erika is a bullying from Tom!

  5. Ashley Kelly says:

    But that doesn't mean all the other stories are not liars

  6. Sheila Hale says:

    I use to love Lisa Rhinna but after what she did to Denise… Bye-bye

  7. Samantha Her says:

    I agree with Jason about Erika.

  8. Nat 20 says:

    Has Andy asked Erika back on the show?

  9. Diana Guenzler says:

    I won't be watching the Dubai show. No Bravo for me.

  10. Hi Sunny day says:

    I like the Adam and Jason live better, callers are cool but you guys really do a great job on your own, cant really listen to an entire stream with 3 people talking all the time. Nothing personal, just its allot for over an hour. Mixing it up with callers is good, but same person on like this is way too much.

  11. Rebecca Scott says:

    Come on now we all know Rinna helped Erica …. Rinna will be soon show her true colors. Just wait…….

  12. N I Q O L E says:

    I used to be envious of Erika but now I find her disgusting! I'm happy to hear other ppl aren't buying her b.s. either!

  13. Sue Neville says:

    Andy and Erika set those questions up and he had to throw in a few insults and Erika knew they were was all an act

  14. Debi Brown says:

    Everyone needs to stop saying Erika addresses the victims! Andy addressed the victims and Erika followed. She only brings up the victims when someone else brings them up. It too late. She should have addressed it immediately after the information came out.

  15. Debbie Manzonie says:

    “The devil is a liar and the father of lies.” JOHN 8:44

  16. Debbie Manzonie says:

    Because ERIKA is a habitual LIAR!

  17. Debbie Manzonie says:


  18. Debbie Manzonie says:


  19. Debbie Manzonie says:


  20. Alicia Benton says:

    The problem is no one knows what is actually going on, there could be more shady corruption with the entire law firm. The thing about rich men is that they have a wife who is usually in the dark and has multiple mistresses. They think they are above everyone and the law.

  21. Judy Gwen says:

    Erika never apologized to anyone!!

  22. Judy Gwen says:

    Rate #4 as an 8. Erika showed herself! SHE raged and even took Andy's shade as a compliment. Unfortunately, he let her think it a compliment.

  23. Jennifer Fletcher says:

    Sutton’s store was ‘featured’ on Terry Bradshaw’s tv show. It looks like she’s doing well in that venue. Kyle just opened yet ANOTHER soon-to-be short-lived clothes store here in Palm Desert.

  24. Shay Dee says:

    It’s all well and good Rinna trying to clean up her character and start a fresh for S12. Unfortunately none of us are buying it and I know me for one will not be watching the next season. RHOBH used to be one of my favourite RH shows until the end of S9. It has become the most inauthentic out of all the Housewives franchises. I can’t take the over production or the Fake Forced Four anymore!

  25. mubarak nasser says:

    8:46 i love her

  26. Sonny says:

    When she threatened Sutton she was trying to imply Tom will sue her,, then she realised that will screw up his incompetence BS so then she back peddled

  27. Barbara Iannone says:

    Erika-amozonion ditz!!! Do u care???

  28. Deb Hurd says:

    Beside all the horrific bs that is EJ now…she additionally really looked terrible for the reunion. I mean….like…..really, really, really awful. Is it because she doesn't have the 40 G a month glam squad?? I think that does have something to do with it cause..DAMN! Really bad.

  29. Deb Hurd says:

    Playing someone is a LIE. EJ admitted being a liar when she admitted "playing" Sutton. The liar who hates being called a liar. She is just PATHETIC. I can't stand her. She is so low class and rough. Just so trashy.

  30. Ann Rider says:

    At the reunion all the housewives were bored out of their minds listening to Erika posturing. How many times did Kathy fix her face. She was so checked out.

  31. susan hallperdomo says:

    Dana – Please fix your hair!!

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