Equifax inquiry removal.

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94 hard inquiries removed from equifax in less than 6 hours!!!

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dispute hard credit inquiry

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15 Responses

  1. Willie Murphy says:

    How do you do it ?

  2. carolinasOWNN says:

    did you dispute them as Fraudlent?? Wow! this is awesome bro! congrats…

  3. BryanTateTV says:

    Did you get compensated for these violations?

  4. Kk Tax Associates says:

    please write out the email

  5. artica shoemake says:

    What’s your email

  6. Joyce Konadu says:

    Contact + ‪1(912) 290-6456 on whatsapp   Or via mail@ tommylee1242@gmail.com (he does not take upfront payment) if you need help Hacking your PayPal,
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  7. Marvin Bethea says:

    All you got to do is call and speak to the fraud department

  8. Edith Moore says:

    Send me that email again please

  9. Tarius Hilll says:

    Please email the link and info tariushilla@gmail.com

  10. CincoUno says:

    I’m in El Salvador I need inquiries removed for applying for a credit it’s through Equifax El Salvador it’s only one inquiry how can I can contact you ?

  11. Everything Credit says:

    please ignore these people saying email these hackers. They will get you put in jail due to fraud!!

  12. Jaedon Stout says:

    Can u email the link

  13. Nathan Laduke says:

    I want my seven inquiries removed

  14. Will Keeps It Real says:


  15. Will Keeps It Real says:

    Are hard inquiry removals or soft inquiry removals?

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