EQUIFAX: Identity Theft – What I had to do!

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My identity was stolen due to the Equifax hack and here is what I had to do.

When you go to FTC.GOV/IDTHEFT
You will follow a link to IdentityTheft.gov
that will allow you to complete your identity theft report.
These two sites provide most of the details on how to protect your identity.

I completed a 90-fraud alert on my account and once I had all the items needed to include a police report. I then mailed everything to add a 7 year fraud alert to all of the major credit agencies.

I hope this helped you and I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

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how to dispute fraud on your credit report

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22 Responses

  1. rayn1ful says:

    hey buddy , im just subscribed to you , what do you do if someone uses your social insurance number (Canadian version of a social securiety number), i work , i have reason to believe that someone stole my identity because i got a tax bill saying i worked for a place i never did (infact never heard of ).

  2. Armani Love says:

    I think my identity been stolen will I need a new social?

  3. no thanks says:

    he shut that shit down

  4. brian milligan says:

    You think you would of put your dog some where before video

  5. Osborn C says:

    Dude it's been happening to me for 11 months now and I have been so Damn lost with little to no assistance from all entities involved, I'm fairly certain it's my neighbor and trying to not let him know I kno it has been a nightmare!

  6. ChollyYollie Art says:

    This is awful that it happens ! I'm crying watching this … while I was working somone stole my credit & purchased items …

  7. Izzy Hope Dolphin says:

    You should ALWAYS have 2fa no mater what. Its just a good practice everyone should take

  8. Johnathan Cermeno says:

    Someone stole my social security card and birth certificate I’m 19 I’m stressed out

  9. Katherine Mirafuentes says:

    Someone got my social, opened a credit card and is trying to get a loan.. I never felt so upset

  10. Jimmy jaramillo Jimmy jaramillo says:

    Wow…I just got my fourth payment from Legitvendor002 on telegram…can’t believe you’re so reliable as this bro❤️❤️❤️

  11. Jessica Cuello says:

    Hello, I need to dispute a fraudulent account with equifax and they tell me that I should have made a report on the website that you mentioned, my question is, what are the consequences of making this report? Does it hurt something? I would appreciate if you help me and tell me what happened to you when you did, thank you!

  12. _Myfoundation says:

    You said two factors of what I didn’t get that part

  13. ACW says:

    So get THIS. I bought something online – turns out the website was a fake. They refund the money. A month later I get an email from Affirm saying "congrats, your $2,200 loan has been approved! I didn't apply for no loan…but Affirm approved it. Gone round and round in circles with them to no avail. I'm literally an inch from hiring some kind of lawyer, because f*ck them.

  14. Jessica Lynn says:

    You’re amazing. My friend is going through this and I watched the video to try to help them. Thank you for posting this.

  15. Marvin the Martian says:

    The data was stolen from Equifax was stolen on the behalf of the Chinese government. It was a strategic attack on the USA. Unless you are a high ranking military member or something like that, they have no interest in you.

    The data has yet to show up on the "dark web".

    You gave away your info on facebook. Everyone on facebook knows your name, where you live, where you went to high school, when you were born, etc. It is not hard to figure out your SSN based on that into. The theft of your identity was your own fault.

  16. Erika Pennella says:

    LOL aww he’s jealous

  17. Oscar Vasques says:

    So someone has my DL pictures from front and back and I am not sure what that person can do with that information and I honestly don’t know what to exactly do either, please help!!!!!

  18. Amy says:

    Just in case you're just as new to this as I am and are overwhelmed, here's some good basic steps:
    1. Put a fraud alert on one of the following (experian, transunion, equifax) and once you let one know, they have to let the other 2 know.
    2. Call the FTC number and file a report over the phone – they'll email you a username and temp password (make sure you sign in within 24 hours) and go through their recovery plan checklist. Download.a copy of that report so you have it.
    3. File a report with your local police department (mine allowed me to do it online). IF they allow attachments, attach your ftc report. Even if nothing was stolen, still important to do this.
    4. Call the fraud department of all your banks so they can put an alert and two factor authentication on your accounts.
    5. Change ALL your passwords (especially if you're guilty of using different variations of the same passwords. Turn on two factor authentication on whatever gmail accounts, facebook accounts, or whatever other social media accounts
    6. Call the fraud department of wherever/however you discovered your identity theft. Let them know what is going on and send them afadavits if possible letting them know, with a copy of your ftc and police report.

    We're all going through it together, but we'll be okay!

  19. Telling My Pain In Life! says:

    Please help me I'm just 17 years old and a Grade 11 student and my identity was stolen, but I don't have a bank, please give an advise

  20. Victor O'Neill says:

    I've been suffering from fraud put in my account about 5 years ago. I can't have a bank account or get a credit card now. Its way too difficult trying to figure out filing for identity theft.

  21. Nichole Vance says:

    I pay for “Identity protection” and yet I still just lost my entire life. The services I pay for won’t do anything so I researched talked to cops and still nothing…that’s after investigating myself for the last week I literally found the first middle last name, address and Facebook I’d but she already blocked me so I give all these places what I found and they still do nothing. I’m bout to take my first road trip to Texas to deal with it myself

  22. AGeekyGuy says:

    Has this happened to you?

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