Episode 74 – Continuously Delivering with the CD Foundation's Jacqueline Salinas

Jacqueline Salinas is the Director of Ecosystem & Community Development for the the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). The CDF serves as the vendor-neutral home of many of the fastest-growing projects for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). The CDF includes projects such as Jenkins, Tekton and many other CICD mainstays.

In this episode Jacqueline talks about her latinx upbringing and how she persevered over many obstacles.We go IN-DEPTH on what the Continuous Delivery Foundation (Cd.foundation) is and its flagship event CDCON (June 23rd and 24th) and why its a MUST ATTEND if you want to better deliver applications with talks from the best in the space!

We also talk travel and her ambitious plan to visit 40 countries by 40!

00:00 — Episode 75 is coming on June 30th with Solomon Hykes
00:28 — Opener
00:47 — Introduction to Jacqueline Salinas
00:57 — Jacqueline’s Journey as a Latinx woman in tech
16:16 — Origins of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (Cd.foundation) / What is it?
20:19 — CDcon is awesome.. Why you should attend (June 23/24th 2021)
23:43 — Travel and Jacqueline’s favorite places to visit.
27:03 — What work is Jacqueline most proud of?

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