Episode 71 – The Philosophy of Venture Capital with Work-Bench's Kelley Mak

Kelley Mak is a partner at Work-Bench. Work-Bench is an enterprise technology-focused venture capital firm in New York City. Their tagline is “Great Things Happen at the Intersection of Suits & Hoodies”, their portfolio includes security, customer success, and various companies in and around the Cloud Native (CNCF) space.

In this episode, Kelley talks about his journey from Philosophy major to Partner at a Venture Capitalist.. We cover Developing Roadmaps to how people will care and how to Go To Market your project as well as we run down some of the portfolio companies Work-Bench covers.

Kelley is a fantastic guest and i think you will all enjoy this episode!

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00:00 — Styra Opener
00:14 — Introduction to Kelley Mak from Work-Bench
00:24 — Kelley’s Journey (New Jersey and Gaming)
06:53 — Philosophy Major to Cyber Security Research at Forrester?
08:42 — Developing Roadmaps to how people will care. (The Process of it)
11:29 — Getting to Work-Bench
14:50 — Why would a startup partner with Work-Bench?
18:35 — Keeping a community together during a pandemic.
21:15 — CoreOS (early portfolio company)
24:53 — Cockroach Labs (early portfolio company)
28:01 — Catalyst.io
30:12 — Firehydrant.io
33:04 — Viso Trust
35:13 — Enterprise Weekly Newsletter
36:43 — What work Kelley is most proud of
38:03 — Blooper reel

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