Episode 301 – Using your Twitter flex for loans? Sublime.Finance may be your solution

Good morning! This morning I had to think on my feet a bit to come up with an episode. I will be doing a double-header today as my morning guest postponed until a later time today. But I had this project Sublime.finance in the wings that I stumbled upon yesterday. After some banter about QTUM, I finally get to the point.
Sublime Finance is a DeFi application that will allow you to utilize your social graph on social media platforms like Twitter combined with your blockchain footprint to pull out loans with your pseudonymous profile. As this space grows, I figured there would be ways that people would start to develop some sort of ID and reputation systems in order to establish trust and reputation. This app seems to be back by some heavy-hitters in this crypto space and has a strong model for this type of use case. Is this a truly decentralized credit based lending platform, or is this just our same old credit system nosing its way into our decentralized crypto space? What are your thoughts?



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  1. XRP BULL says:

    You're learning so much man, I admire your dedication so much, wish some of it would hit me haha I need to feel good about my video production quality, still griding at 711

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