Elite Soldiers End Up as Lab Rats After Being Sent on a Remote Island to be Hunted by AI Robots

A tight-knit unit of marines is sent to an off-the-grid island for what they believe it’s a simple training exercise but turns out to be a battle for their lives.

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28 Responses

  1. Francisco Juarez says:

    Emp, that's what will hit us

  2. Fredbear756 says:

    Kinda reminds me of the SCP with robots in the forest.

  3. Franky Flowers says:

    uploads info into her brain

  4. Zero Ch1ll says:

    I watched this a while back, it was good!

  5. very dark passenger says:

    I've been scrolling by this movie. I kind of want to watch it now.

  6. Diki-DR says:

    What's the name of this movie?

  7. djmulder says:

    Isn't this the plot of the incredibles?

  8. Melduce says:

    Yeah, defo a B-movie but any potential is wasted on a shitty script….

  9. Elliot Covington says:

    Drones are the other eyes of the robots is shows where they are

  10. Flammin1000 says:

    Coming soon

  11. GeekinDub says:

    I made a song sampling this movie! lots of great parts

  12. Z Cat says:

    Bro this the plot of Ghost recon: Breakpoint?

  13. Dominik Fröhlich says:

    Who goes against robots with an effing M16 like what’s the point

  14. Macilaci says:

    And this is the future, AI going to fukc us

  15. Alex and Gabriel Ashford says:

    I saw this movie before

  16. Matija Bačić says:

    Damien Bukes is Kriklopil from 3096 days movie.

  17. Prasad k says:

    This is the future guys . be prepared. Something big is coming

  18. KENTAーくン says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about Generation Zero?

  19. Ordinary Guy says:

    This film is so stupid. Soldiers acts like total idiots thinking they are sort of rembos and woman is irresponsible programmer and designer of robots that withhold relevant information that could saved soldiers lives to defeat or weaken robots. GOD, I HATE CODERS, THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT HUMAN TRASH!!!

  20. Fader Ballistics says:

    Most boring video from this channel I've encountered.

  21. R H says:

    Yep, Mills roped them all in to die for an AI experiment. Barbie doll would not have not survived an edged weapon.
    It is pretty cool they resemble a Praying Mantis in design.

  22. NOUM says:

    So the female robot was a failure to the end

  23. Unruly King says:

    This movie was awesome

  24. M F says:

    And this movie is?

  25. Christian Morales says:

    No eyephone for me thank you

  26. ChipperPaul says:

    Your channel is great, but you should list the title of the film in the video title section.

  27. Necron Lord says:

    This really stupid idea that EMP can harm/damage anything today (or will be able in the future), goes from movie to movie. While actually, EMP can't harm even your mobile today. Well, it could, but needs something like Sun goes out to be effective. This is due to the fact, that all electronics, even most simple commercial chips and circuits, are protected from EMP today. So this is double true for the weapon systems.

  28. Robert Harris says:

    So… this movie is just a worse ghost in the shell (the anime, not the shit live action movie)

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