Easiest Way to Write a Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus

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Today we’re going over the easiest way to write a dispute letter to the credit bureaus for ANY negative item on a credit report. You can find the link to view this for free at

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Video notes:
This is the easiest way to write
a dispute letter to the credit bureaus for any negative account
on a credit report and I’m going to explain why this works.
Alright, you see your letter and dispute will always be the same.
Now. If you don’t believe me, we’re going to make this a
little bit bigger and I’m going to explain it. Remember that movie The Wolf of Wall Street? That’s Jordan Belfort. See, his thing is that a sale is always the same and follows the straight line. Now, if we look at dispute
letter, it’s exactly the same. The info may change the person’s
name their accounts Etc. But the structure is always the same.
And when you follow this, it allows you to send dispute
letter that gets results.

Don’t send out things with the you know that are just law heavy and don’t belong there. There’s very specific information that belongs in here that’s going to allow you to get results. All right, so I’m gonna see if we
can just make this a little bit bigger. The why
includes why are you sending this letter? What is the purpose
behind? What do you want them to do? What outcome are you
expecting your first paragraph or your one? We’re using AJERO formula for this which is action plus justifier plus element plus reason plus
outcome and I’m going to link the AJERO formula video down in
the description. So when you follow this structure,
like I said, it allows you to not only write a dispute letter
that gets results but it sets the follow-up for your next
round of disputes when the bureau’s want to play games and
all of that, right? So again, this is the Easiest way to write
a dispute letter to the credit bureaus for any negative account
on a credit report. All you have to do is follow it.

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do i need to dispute with all 3 credit bureaus

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