DON'T Send TEMPLATES! | Dispute Letter Stacking Method

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Here’s a credit sweep tactic for dispute letters that I call the “Stacking Method”. You can access all 3 action plan PDFs at for free with no opt-in. This is a *GEM* that I’m re-sharing with you as part of our Dispute Letter Tactics Series (you can find it under the playlists). If you need help, schedule your 1:1 credit sweep call today at

Use this worksheet and map to create your Stacking Workflow (using the Stacking Technique). This is b asically where you just become a huge pain in the behind and keep shooting at them with everything that you have.

You’re going to break down your dispute letter and your dispute reasons and figure out whether to challenge or come at them with a new disputre reason.

You want to begin by looking at the following:
Was the account verified?
If yes, should you challenge or use a new dispute reason?
Should you use a simple request letter or a demand dispute letter?
Do you have a higher probability of result with a CFPB complaint or not?
Shoul you write the original creditor or the collection agency?

To achieve the highest number of deletions and the highest FICO, you need to learn to break down the process and use the best ammo against them. Attack the FCRA violations and don’t let them slide. YOU are the one that is in control of what deletions/corrections you receive!


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4 Responses

  1. calvin Washington says:

    Keep up the great work

  2. Ayo O says:

    When the bureaus complete the auto verification where they try to match your violations, are they checking against the smaller credit companies that we can freeze (i.e. Datax, factor trust, Sagestream)? And if they are checking against these companies, and our data is frozen with them, does this help prevent them from successfully verifying our reports?

  3. ScorpioMom says:

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. They are helping me in knowing where I went wrong in my disputes

  4. Tys Shoe Design says:

    Hi, quick question. Seems like it is harder for negative items to come off of my Transunion credit report. I have much better luck getting things removed from Experian and Equifax. Is this all in my head? Also, I have learned so much from your videos. Is there a way that we can donate funds to you? I only have a few more items to remove so I am thinking I may not need to purchase the monthly option. I am sure a lot of us would like to thank you for sharing by donating. You are truly a blessing. THANK YOU!!

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