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  1. Kenneth Starr says:

    I’d like to say that yes, you do need to change it if it doesn’t apply to you. If you are looking at your credit and you know something that shouldn’t be part of the letter change it. You might not be using it for one of those reasons. Otherwise they are good to go. Maybe add as well. But research and don’t just add your thoughts.

  2. Shaudee says:

    So I went to get my free credit report then my laptop stopped working. So where is a good website that I can go and pay to obtain all three credit bureaus reports?

  3. Blessed HB says:

    So I put a block on my credit report because of the security breach Equifax. Does this mean that anytime there's a block I am automatically denied when applying for a credit card???

  4. Mrs.K Johnson says:

    Hello Brandon
    If i want to hire your guys to get specific things off can you do that? I’m fed up with trying to do it ? Please respond

  5. John Gwathney says:

    Hi Brandon, I appreciate you responding to my email earlier. I may have missed it in another video you have posted, but do you need to include name and address identification numbers with the personal information letters? Also does this need to be notarized. Once again I appreciate your time and what you do. Thanks!

  6. Pat's Place says:

    Hello Brandon, just watched you video on lexisnexis . Is it a good idea to get a copy of this report as well and is this one free annually ?

  7. Tabitha Adams says:

    Thanks again 3 more dropped a couple more to go sent an email and I truly appreciate all of the patience and help never thought I would see the day

  8. Nelson Salcedo says:

    Hey Brandon I just found out that on my credit report there showing three late payments how can I get the credit bureaus to remove these derogatory missed payments, which package should I get thank you

  9. Chose2Game says:

    Good job camera man!

  10. F*8K cancer it took my mom and I want her back says:

    Can I pay awesome life group to do this for me in Canada

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