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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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26 Responses

  1. Sal Bañalez says:

    2020 and you still have that same energy! Great job!

  2. business man says:

    Thanks for giving me hope

  3. says:

    question that i think you addressed but im not sure i understand. what if the account is open and you use it, its current (OK) but you have late payments? do you get that removed?

  4. Danie M says:

    Is it possible to have a 700 credit score when you have $32000 in student loan debt

  5. Carlos Garrido says:

    What should I do if I already paid off a car but I have about 6 late payments in a row on the account??

  6. Lavail Benton says:

    Capital one closed my card and I just paid off the balance and it just closed a month ago. Do I leave it alone

  7. Nicholas12345 Rocks says:

    My brothers account got closed but he didn’t do anything how do I fix

  8. Nsikak Akpan says:

    Hi Brandon I bought your 609 credit repair package and I have late payments account with my student loans but now i am now current on my payments, can i still remove those late payments? I am not sure what to do.

  9. Travis Grant says:

    I did the 609 with all three credit reporting agencies. It was starnge in the fact one of them deleted three accounts while another one listed the three accounts as "closed". As of the writing of this I'm waiting to see what the third agency will do. I DID note when the accounts went from active to CLOSED my credit score went up a solid 6 points.

  10. Chris November says:

    Well, you've got my vote. I currently have disputes out right now through Experian but once I get all my answers back, I'm definitely going to use your awesome life group services. Subscribed and turn on notifications.

  11. Steohen Mcdonough says:

    Do you still pay on closed credit accounts

  12. Vic Middlebrooks says:

    That’s good stuff bro

  13. VeganMicroFarm says:

    I had a bank charge me bad check fees on electronic transactions generated by a computer, it was like $500 in collections. Did a DV and the collector refused to produce checks or any proof the transactions were authorized. Had to file a complaint to the state banking commission (Marc Clayborne wrote about this in his book). Removed from my credit report in like 2-3-weeks. Three months later, I get a refund for all the money that was drafted from my account causing the overdraft… If you write to the right people, stuff gets removed!

  14. Shaquetta Artes says:

    Thankssssss. I feel like this was made for me. Lol.

  15. Andre Parker says:

    Brandon! What is happening my man? I just recently snatched up the Section 609 credit repair system and was in the process of firing off my 1st letters. Now I want to dispute some delinquencies and remarks on current accounts, also some old charge-off accounts mostly credit cards. Would it be feasible to put those all on the same letter or should I split them up according to the time frame? Okay, with that out of the way I just wanted to say that you create some awesome content dude and I believe you’ve got the best credit repair channel going. Thanks a ton B-Dub and Team-Weaver. Take care!

  16. Kelvin Olivo says:

    Hei there Brandon. Accounts are close but not in collections, is it ok to dispute? or wait until they go to collections? Thanks

  17. Mindy Conant says:

    Hi Brandon! Just started watching your videos. Just ordered my dispute letters and trying to fill them out. In one of your videos you mention account numbers. Credit Karma doesn't list any account numbers…not even partial ones. Where can I get the account numbers for my dispute letters?

  18. WhoCares!!! 29 says:

    Haha very happy I found this channel. God bless you. Quick question I paid off 3 accounts hoping to boost my credit and to my surprise it dropped it, anyways I am only using .9 percent on each account from now but I still don’t understand why it dropped my credit ?

    Thank you for all the info great channel.

  19. BRAVE HEART STI says:


  20. NATY2811 says:

    would you recommend placing a freeze on all 5 Sagestream -lexisnexis -innvonis -ars and corelogic??

  21. Jacki Mullinax says:

    You've help me so much with my credit reports, Thank you!

  22. Robin Briggs says:

    Thank you for all your work!!

  23. Trev John says:

    Hey, if you disputed student loans off your credit report can they still come after you and sue you once deleted?

  24. ronald walters says:

    this is why you always ask for a contract 7 P.S. § 6215
    § 6215. Statement of contract
    A licensee shall furnish to the consumer a statement setting forth the type of contract, description of the security on the contract, the date of the contract, the total amount due on the contract, the date upon which the contract is due or the dates upon which the installment payments are payable, the amount of such installment payments, and a statement indicating the basis for computing default charges. No default charges may be collected if the statement of contract does not give due notice of the licensee's intention to collect default charges. This statement of the contract shall contain such additional information as the Secretary of Banking may require.

  25. phillip bobbitt says:

    I don't have time because of work, what do I need to start your program

  26. Darren Harris says:

    Bro what about medical accounts that have gone to collections say 7 yrs old but creditor refirm account

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