Don't Dispute These 3 Negative Accounts on a Credit Report

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Today we’re covering 3 different account types that you do not want to dispute on a credit report and I’m explaining why you should consider this. If you would like to learn what CAN be diputed, head over to or if you would like to see if I can help you with a credit sweep head over to

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Did you know that there’s three different things that should not be disputed on your credit report? So if you’re wondering, just like the 100 other people who asked this question every single day of me, what can be removed? Or can this account specifically be removed? And this is a video that you want to watch? Because those three things are very, very important. All right. So we’re starting with number three. And that’s going to be anything having to do with criminal court listed under your public records section. Now, it doesn’t matter if this is for a bond or bail or central collections. If it has to do with the justice system, leave it alone, you already got in trouble don’t get in more trouble just because you’re just feeding now. I mean, can they ethically and legally retaliate? No, but you don’t want to put yourself in that position? Why would you put yourself in that position, just take care of it financially, get it off your credit report. And that’s it. Because I’m pretty certain, I’m not gonna say I am absolutely certain, but I’m pretty certain that once it is financially satisfied that it gets removed anyways. So just pay the damn thing. Okay. That is number three. Number two is going to be foreclosures in process. What that means is you’re looking at your credit report, you have a foreclosure with Bank of America, and it says foreclosure started. Now, I can’t remember where it was that I learned it because I’ve been doing this professionally for 10 years. So I don’t know if it was my multiple certification courses. If it was, you know, something just miscellaneous that I picked up somewhere along the way, I can’t tell you where I learned it. But it specifically said, if it says foreclosure started, it should not or cannot be disputed. And guess what? That was it. That was enough for me. So once it says for clothes, yes, go for it, it’s fine. If it’s a short sale, it’s fine. It just cannot say open or started. Now, if that is in fact, inaccurate. And it should say for clothes, that’s different. But if it’s actually accurate, and it is started or open and it is not foreclosed yet, do not touch it. No, you don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to listen to me, I’m not your mom, I’m not your teacher and school. I’m just telling you based on my experience, and again, my 10 years of doing this, what I personally know and what I do for my clients or don’t do right now, number one, child support. Now, if you didn’t hear me, I said child support. Now Guess what? no judgment, I don’t care who didn’t pay what when whatever. It’s none of my business. I’m just here to implement a solution or teach you how to do it, right. But this is a big one. And if you go and you schedule a call with me for credit sweep, it says right on there. If you’re calling about child support, unfortunately, I cannot help you. I’m not going to dispute it for you. Here’s the reason why is it that it’s not ethical know what the thing is, is that you’re going to waste years of your life. I don’t have years of my life to dispute. I don’t have years of my life to waste, do you obviously you don’t either. So here’s the deal. Even if you have 678 years, proving that you paid on time consistently, consistently, consistently, consistently, it’s not going to make a difference, that counts not going to be corrected or removed or updated.


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