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What does it mean to be in a pre-legal department? What does meets FCRA mean? What do you do when somebody else’s hospital bills is on your report? So forth and so on, we got questions and answers for you, coming at you. So let’s get right into it. I received letters from a collector with pre-legal notifications if I don’t pay the collector. Now, what do I do, man? What do I do, friend? What is this? I’ve seen this before, myself. It happened to me, okay. I didn’t think nothing of it. I didn’t know any better, about sending collection validation letters to them, okay, asking to see an original instrument of indebtedness, okay.The reason I found out about this stuff, because it went from pre-legal, to actually being in the courthouse. I was sued by these individuals. This is what does not have to happen to you. They’re trying to bully you, they’re gonna say, “Oh “well, we’re gonna sue you if you don’t pay.” They don’t want to go down that road. Get a free consultation with a consumer protection lawyer. If they’re doing pre-legal, you do pre-legal. They’re gonna go away. They’re gonna stop harassing you. They’re gonna stop the process. They’re frightened by you, that’s why they’re threatening you so hard. Do not fret. Do not worry. We’ve got our own how to sue, and when, without a lawyer here. All educational information for you, alright? You always can talk to a consumer protection lawyer, for a free consultation. That is what I would encourage you to do. Send the letters. Press them. Now, we’re talking about meets FCRA and after a dispute. I’ve seen all sorts of classifications. Meets FCRA, Consumer Disputes, Reinvestigation in Progress, all sorts of crazy, wild, different things. “We’ll now reinvestigate,” we’ve seen this stuff before. All of it is a smoke screen. All of it designed to confuse you. To make you feel like they’re not going to remove the inaccurate information, to delete the unverified accounts. But they will. They have to. I’ve seen it over, and over, and over again. It happened to me. It’s happened to other people that I’ve worked with. So, hey Brandon, I sent my first round of letters, and they added a note. This was actually on Credit Karma they were looking, okay? I would say invest in something a little bit better than Credit Karma. Credit Karma only gives you one. Should I send out my second round of letters? Yes, send out your second round of letters. Yes, put in the comments below, send out the second round of letters, meets FCRA. It’s designed to do exactly what it’s been trying to get you to do is question.So, when they come back and say meets FCRA requirements, they’re doing it automatically through EOSC. It’s nothing special. It’s just another classification. Reinvestigation, consumer disagrees, consumer disputes, all sorts of stuff. Will not reinvestigate, they will, they have, they do it, they must, and they will continue to. And if not, we’ll talk, we’ll take them to court, right? You have rights here. You have violations here, that we’re gonna go over here in a minute on why if they don’t remove things, they refuse to correct information, after being provided proof of inaccuracies, under section 623, that we talk about all the time. So, you can get this squared away. You can do this at, or we can find these violations for you at there’s a little trend here about ex-spouses information getting on the spouse’s, the former spouse’s, credit reports. So, how do I delete an ex-spouse’s medical debt from my credit report.It’s been five years since the divorce. Go right away, file an online complaint for HIPPA violation.


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14 Responses

  1. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    Brandon Weaver is AWESOME!!! sent my first round of letters to the credit agency's…. Notarized&Certified! It's been a week…. Can't wait to send the results to you!!!

  2. Alex Santiago says:

    I sent the inquiry removal letters to the CRAs about a week ago . how soon can I send my round 2 letters of dispute to the CRAs?

  3. CW says:

    Is it best to have a credit score of at least 620 when applying for an apartment to rent?

  4. CW says:

    Send out the second round of letters!

  5. Juan Lopez says:

    Hey Brandon ! I got the item that was stopping me from getting a bank account from my Chex systems report! Thanks ! Now can I get a bank account ?

  6. Zaranda C says:

    Send out the second round of letters!!!

  7. Isaac Phaire says:

    can i upgrade my package on 609 credit repair by paying the difference?

  8. Jason Boston says:

    I'm on my second round. I just went into the dispute center on two of the bureau's, clicked on remarks, and wrote "I need to be provided with the original signed document from when this account was sold to this agency." I wrote that on each and every one of my accounts with derogatory remarks. Not sure if that was right or not, but I hope I didnt mess it up lol. So far on the first round, I had four accounts deleted from my credit report.

  9. Surata Wood says:

    Thank you Brandon for answering my question! The first 30 days isn’t over until July 10th. I’ll prepare second round and get them ready. Thanks again…

  10. Toya J says:

    Hey Brandon!!! I did a BK back in 2013 for about 6 months then I voluntarily requested for the bk to be dismissed. The BK was dismissed but it’s on all 3 credit reports since 2013. Can I still have it removed?

  11. Tracy Dyson says:

    I sent the medical records person your way. If it's who I'm thinking, I told her your the best!

  12. angie mac says:

    Yes! Send out the second round of letters..

  13. Gerald Cortes says:

    How can i get a credit report? I need a credit report before i do anything correct?

  14. William Camacho Jr says:

    Those a creditor obligate to give you the validation of debt if I request

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