Do THIS When the Credit Bureaus Don't Respond in 30 Days

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⭐️ Today we’re talking about what to do when the credit bureaus don’t respond to your dispute letter in 30 days, the truth about it and how to handle this situation. If you would like to learn how to dispute the right way, head to OR schedule your 1:1 call with me at if you would like to see if I can do a credit sweep for you.

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What are you going to do about this FCRA violation?
How are you going to get the credit bureaus to respond to your dispute letters?

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What you need to do when the Bureau’s don’t respond is use the next best dispute reason to get your negative item removed. And guess what, this is a process. It is frustrating. It is like time consuming. That’s what a process is. But when you do it the right way, when you get your negative items off, when you see your higher credit score, then you are going to thank me for telling you exactly how it is. So when you hear a company telling you that you can get your negative items removed in 30 to 45 days just because there’s a law that says the Bureau’s have to respond, you need to call bullshit and say no, I know that’s not how it works, because the Bureau’s use these laws as guidelines to see how far they can take you alright, because remember, their job is to keep these negative items on your credit report because that is how they make money off your information of my information off of everybody’s information, your job is to get the negative items removed. So this is just a game that you have to play and it has to be played the right way. That is why they are called rounds. Okay? You want Ron one to go to you around to to go to you around three to go to you, so on and so forth. Alright, so that is what we talked about today. What to do when the Bureau’s don’t respond. And anything else you could possibly say after that is absolute bullshit. Because what are you going to do? What do you do? You’re going to pick up the phone and call 911? Really, really? Really? What are what criminal law are they violating? They’re not they’re not, they’re not. These are guide lines. Okay, so stop believing when these companies are telling you these lies. And there’s otherwise a you need to know about and I’m going to link that video either right here or down in the description.

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  1. Bridell Gibson says:

    I'm going on 9 months since I first disputed and disputed 2 months later and still haven't closed or removed the incorrect information

  2. Kim Murray says:

    So what do we do when they don’t respond? Is the law that they are to remove the items?

  3. Kathy Houston says:

    Thank you!! Love your sense of humor lol

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