Do The Death Penalty And Longer Prison Sentences Deter Crime?

President Trump has called for the death penalty to be sentenced to some drug dealers. The decision comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions called for longer and tougher prison sentences last year. Do these harsher sentences actually work to deter future crime, though?


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31 Responses

  1. Wasif Zakwan says:

    How about Saudi Arabia? They seem to have very low crime.

  2. Brandon jung says:

    They're on death row for a REASON the death penalty deters premeditated murder however not impulsive murder like if someone's committing a burglary the criminal thinks the residents aren't home but they are then the criminal shoots the home owner in that circumstance they're not thinking about the death penalty just how to get away with it

  3. Traditional Tamizhan says:

    When talking about morality, we should not ask if it is beneficial or not. That's the wrong question. We should be asking is it moral or not and why? Now, slavery generates economic prosperity. That doesn't make it right. You shouldn't even ask if slavery generates economic prosperity or not. That's the wrong question

  4. Ed Rosen says:

    Stop with all these lies man. The death penalty works. Comparing our Capital punishment with other countries' death penalty is like comparing apples and oranges. The death penalty in other countries happen quickly, you die soon after you are found guilty. They don't have millions of tax dollars to pay for prisoners to vacation in prison for 20-30 years. Here in America it doesn't seem to work because you take a 20-30 year vacation in prison on the tax payers dime, (prisons making millions every year) and then finally you die. Many die before they're actually executed. BUT, if you die just days after you're found guilty, the crime rate will absolutely go down FAST. You can take that to the bank. BOOM problem solved, Merry Christmas have a nice life.

  5. lakshya varshney says:

    Next thing you will say is do away with prisons and find it v logical but not realising the other side I.e living with a rapist who killed someone, terrorist, mas murder etc etc and would asked to be forgiving in the name of "HUMANITY" Would say that society would punish them.

  6. Sayyar Awais says:

    I’d say deterrence does takes its place when someone thinks is committing a crime. But having said that there are so many pieces to this , and simplyfying it to “tougher sentences” or other way around would be oversimplification

  7. Jas says:

    Yeah well how many people actually know what the mandatory minimum is before they're standing in front of a judge getting sentenced. Come on now period as a person who is was in age from 14 years old until in my late twenties I did not learn my lesson from doing a month to year 3 months there when I finally did a year and I was looking at three and a half to seven for another crime have not been in jail since and I've straighten my life out I've gotten married I started a business and I'm a completely different person today. That's just me personally though

  8. frank zoid says:

    It has nothing to do with long sentences it has to do with keeping them locked away from others. They are mentally ill . Democrats and ACLU closed all the state run mental hospitals . The prison is the new mental hospital.

  9. pax und peace says:


  10. David Perry says:

    Best deterrence against crime is education and rehabilitation. If a person has committed multiple murders and shows no remorse just like the man that killed a mom and two daughters in Norway instead of the USA, they would have sentenced him to 21 years with a 10 year minimum and the prison system will kill him with kindness with humane treatment, humane conditions, and boat loads therapy sessions followed by vocational programs which will turn him from a monster to an innocent human being.

  11. Johnny English says:

    As an Indian who has watched many American TV shows, it seems to me that jails in the USA aren't actually jails. They are like hotel rooms where you are provided quality food, mobile phones and internet. We don't do that here. They are in fact made to hard labour in scorching heat.

  12. Pyramus K says:

    lol! If they're dead they cant really commit any new crime, can they…

  13. Nick Alonso says:

    Shit China and Singapore have death sentence for simple possession and look at their crime levels !
    Looks at Chinese news statistics
    Crime – 0%
    Provided by The Peoples Republic of China. “Heheheh, we’ll wait that doesn’t look righ-“ dies*

  14. Widdekuu91 says:

    Nobody cares about heavy punishment, what, they can get instantly shot or murdered in most instances and during most crimes, you think they didn't realize that to begin with?

  15. Mark Armage says:

    One thing for sure, releasing criminals back to society will not lower the crime.

  16. TheDonnaDaniels says:

    A criminals reoffend because of the 'punishment ' of:

    A roof over his head; without trying
    Square meals every day; without trying
    A free TV in his bedroom; without trying
    Paid Employment without trying.


  17. Hey says:

    Death penalty? You mean government sanctioned vigilantism.

  18. Eric Kingsbury says:

    Who ever said it (the Death Penalty) was about detering crime?

  19. Mr. Smith says:

    Our own government is nothing, but a mafia itself. The greatest criminal enterprise in the United States and the only real threat to the citizenry.
    Politician, is just another for criminal.
    Only a government full of criminals would ever criminalize the abiding with laws of ignorance that do absolutely nothing, but retard and criminalize the abiding populace while empowering the very crimes it claims to prevent.
    They create criminals instead of catching the real criminals because they themselves, are the real criminals hiding behind law and legislation.
    Lead by example.

  20. CupCakes 174 says:

    Idk if anybody realizes this but, the reason why the crime rate dropped was because they kept giving drug dealers chances to go and it’s like a slap on the wrist… people think that just because crime rate dropped means nobody is doing anything drug dealing. Smh, y’all need to think about this more in depth..

  21. David Smith says:

    #Fakenews. Trump REDUCED sentences for drug crimes. All he said was that SOME countries have the death penalty for drug crimes and like CNN and MSNBC you just falsely accused him of saying this when in fact, he has done the opposite.  You should be ashamed.

  22. Sharon Dundee says:

    If drug pushers were executed, that's one less on the streets pushing his/her poison.

  23. Sarah Masia says:

    Lol. Okay. Let's introduce it for white collar crime simultaneously.

  24. budzie budzie says:

    Am i wrong to think if crimes are commited by sober people that drugs shall be made mandatory? I feel like im being a smart ass. I just feel it only works one way and its their way. That makes sense its hard to catch sober people , unless we will make them pee and judge them for the clean result, i wonder how it feels

  25. Utkarsh Vats says:

    One should not nurture a society where justice and retribution are inter-changable. Governments kill prisoners to show that they are tough on crime. There is nothing muscular about killing a man who is at your mercy.

  26. Common Sensibility says:

    The death penalty is very satisfying! If you believe in God ,he can sort out what happens in the hereafter and if your an atheist they did the crime and we the taxpayers ain't paying a million dollars a year to keep them alive as they have no more value than bacteria!

  27. lilith shopping says:

    Does prison hold criminals accountable and deter crimes?

  28. vino peroni says:

    UN Amnesty International say that death penalty should be abolished worldwide because it's not a deterrent to crime, but even jails don't deter nor eliminate crimes, so if they follow their logic they should demand governments to also abolish jails. I'm Italian living & working in Singapore, I admire Singapore's death penalty law, death penalty is justice for premeditated murder & drug dealers. Criminals are a menace & danger to us they deserve death by being killed

  29. francisco villa says:

    I say killem all

  30. Dominick Masonry says:

    Let's start with big pharma and the senators that support it.

  31. Connor Murphy says:

    Did anyone actually watch this video. When hit in the face with facts you still deny, good lord.

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