Disrupting the Legal System with Robots | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng finds out how artificial intelligence is changing the legal system, from robot lawyers to judges who use algorithms for pretrial risk assessment.

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20 Responses

  1. Artu Gupt says:

    A machine that works automatically and can do same tasks that humans can do. Or a fixed robot analogies to humans standing or sitting in fixed location. Attached to stationary location.three type of robot.1intereset science engineering.2 humans action pop culture always has been fascinated.3 technology produce using artificial intelligence. Welcome to you Trevor Noah and ranny.

  2. Наталья Кондратенко says:

    The inquisitive destruction cranially spoil because ornament superficially trade amid a unusual marble. few fierce, watery quince

  3. ShahNawaz Ali says:

    I would want to see robot judges but not ones programmed by Google or Facebook etc.

  4. Marissa Wilson says:

    What if they used this for public defender cases who are overworked and underpaid. Or they could just pay them more/give them resources.

  5. Marissa Wilson says:

    Ronny! I justed watch your special a few days ago.

  6. Macard_97 says:

    1:13 I know it's a joke, but damn I do believe there are lawyers like that lol

  7. Rohan Gupta says:

    Both humans and AI are 'biased'
    only if you get it..

  8. Maria Mendoza says:

    Lincoln, you have a problem!

  9. Preeti Halappanavar says:

    sooo.. should i go to school tomorrow or nah cuz what's the point if my job's gonna get replaced by robots

  10. Abdul Majid says:

    What if u are replace . Tell me what's going to be your next systems.

  11. Yeshi Rangdol says:


  12. Kevin S says:

    It won't be free of Biased if its hacked or programmed in a way that is being biased. Technology will not solve everything.

  13. Hoàng Trần says:

    It seems that Skynet is going for cultural victory.

  14. Garav Sg says:

    Tic tic hurray..

  15. Billy says:

    Ronny Ronny, AI lawyers and Judges are millennial creations.

  16. psycho 007 says:

    We need that tech in Puerto Rico like really bad even if it's flawed we would still be better off

  17. Bao Nguyen says:

    Andrew Yang was right about this.

  18. Cosmic Dark Matter says:

    How come Alexa is so good at Comedy? hm

  19. Shad Will says:

    lmao how am i just seeing this???

    but im not going to lie, i rather racist robots judging me in court than racist people. it hurts more when its your own species sentencing you to be locked in a cage for years/life.

    especially if your innocent.

  20. oh wise says:

    What if the robot start making robot and human won't be having no more work

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