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Factor Trust is a smaller bureau that was bought by TransUnion several years ago. Factor Trust is one of the companies that Transunion grabs information from. Felix wants to know if Factor Trust is reporting correctly on his credit bureaus, or if Factor Trust has a lot of false information, negative information, untruthful information, inconsistent information. Watch Felix load up his personal credit report and look for errors in the credit report. Felix believes that disputing credit report errors will allow a more accurate picture on his larger Transunion Credit Bureau report. Felix provides the direct phone number to Factor Trust, to speak to a live person, and shows you exactly what he did to dispute online. **********************

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disputing collections on credit report

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6 Responses

  1. Darren Westleigh says:

    It makes sense why it's so hard to remove false verified I formation if they are "verified" through themselves… that's got to be illegal and must have a way around d this b.s

  2. Darren Westleigh says:

    I was in the middle of disputing and it glitches, kicked me out,then told me they could not validate my identity,spent 25 min on the phone with "thomas" who told me my system is being slower than usual, let me call you back with a resolution, I have yet to hear back from him, and now when I try to go back to that exact website, it redirected me straight to transunion Shor term lender site. Any suggestions!!!

  3. Xtreme says:

    YouTube send me to your channel again. I love your contents

  4. Paper Getters says:

    Hello and can you do the same for Equifax please. I will contact factor trust in a few hours because I prefer not creating an online account.

  5. Jeremy Mcdugal says:

    incredible inside look. i really appreciate it.

  6. TR GD says:

    one of the best channels on credit. thanks for the inside look

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