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  1. stacks200 my twitch says:

    Thank you

  2. Mac HunDoe! says:

    Hello There, do I pay off my negative closed account, then dispute the account? Thanks

  3. Tobias Austin says:

    A bro I disputed my payday loan account and they closed it do I need to dispute the closed account now?

  4. xtinegm says:

    I have a closed account thats still on my credit report. It was closed in 2005 But I’ve already paid it off. But it does have some negative strikes. Should I dispute it?

  5. Dernario Tate says:

    I paid a account and my credit score went down

  6. Takedeepbreaths says:

    Please please please someone help me! I went to the hospital 3 years ago because I had an accident at work the manager said they were gonna Pat the hospital bills. They didn’t I owe $600 something. I didn’t know that happened because the hospital called me and they asked me for all the store information. Secondly I opened a store credit card from Kohl’s to be clear, I didn’t make my payment I went through depression, because of pcos, lumbar stenosis, and so much more! I stayed behind my payment when I finally started getting back to my life I checked credit karma and Kohl’s closed my account. I don’t know what to do and where to start. Please!!! I have so much going on Idk what to do I can’t worked but I did work for a few weeks to earn what I owe Kohl’s I can pay it but first I want to see if they can remove the bad from my credit.
    Sorry my English is not good.

  7. Alicia Savings says:

    I have a closed account that has been charged off but is also showing a $0 balance. How should i go about disputing this?

  8. Prosper DivignInLife says:

    I’m disputing my negative accounts on my Report. One account, addresses, and old phone numbers have been removed so far… and my score has dropped 5 points, what do I do from here? Looks like I’m going to have a clean report with a very low FICO

  9. Sven Bengttson says:

    Man! I’m fighting like crazy with Equifax. I had paid off a medical bill, the other two main reporting agencies removed it. But Equifax is still reporting it! I’ve filed a dispute and it’s been 3 months. I’m also trying to get a bad credit card I paid off, and is closed on my account.

  10. none yea says:

    I need help sir

  11. Anthony Williams says:

    Hey I have 4 closed accounts in collections from credit cards that never been paid off can I dispute that?

  12. natalie rocha says:

    can I get a speedy cash loan off my credit score

  13. The Plus Family says:

    So what do you recommend for us to mark off as a dispute for a negative closed account. Mines is a hospital bill unfortunately!

  14. J0hn W1ck says:

    Hey Brandon, I had a repossession that should not have occurred in 2013, started making payments in 2014 but they stopped contacting me, I stopped paying and as of 2015 it shows closed. Obviously I never paid the full balance cuz I didn’t want to and they stopped contacting me, should I dispute this since it’s closed on my credit report? Thanks!

  15. Chris Petersen says:

    Hi Brandon, what if it is a closed account with late payments but I am still paying on it to the original company?

  16. You are infinite says:

    Hey bro I have student loans from 2010 that are closed now I haven't paid anything on them. In the details it says you paid -70% of your loan amount. Also my current Payment status says in collections/Charge-off There are like 9 other accounts like that with different % What should I do here? Im a little confuse. I bought your course

  17. Raven’s Life says:

    Brandon I had all the credit cards removed from one of my credit reports, but Transunion added a comment stating that it was reported correctly according to the FCRA. What do I do from here? I'm not sure what to do from here because they are putting comments on my report under the items I am disputing. Please help!

  18. alexander bassett says:

    my question is i have had accounts opened for a long time but just recently had to go through a bankruptcy. in the last 8 years i have never missed a payment or was ever later on a payment. should i try to get those off my file since they are included in the bankruptcy

  19. Iisha La'Nae says:

    I have my credit report but its not giving me the full account number… I got it from annual credit how do I dispute

  20. Dr. Malade Fanfaron says:

    Brandon, I disputed all negative items but the charge offs that were closed came back on my report as being late. What do I do?

  21. kimoni6 says:

    Hi, what if a creditor is suing you?

  22. Jesse Castillo says:

    I've purchased the Ebooks/Letters and the Beyond Committed package but still have a few side questions. Do you have an email that I can reach you on for some advice?

  23. Jorge says:

    Nope. I do it. They get removed n score goes up.

  24. Alexis Corbitt says:

    1st Round 6 out of 7 Collections acquired in the last year came off. Total Debt went down by $8000. How long before credit bureau recalculates my credit score? Have not gotten a letter back from any credit agency but I have received credit monitoring alerts about the collection removals. Got a fresh credit report. They are gone but score is still the same.

  25. Jesse Castillo says:

    Another great video, thanks my brother!

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