Disputebee Review: Credit Repair Software Pro's & Con's & Pricing

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DisputeBee credit repair software helps automate the process of sending dispute letters.
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In this Disputebee Review i’ll go over how to Import credit reports with one click and dispute negative inaccurate information.

0:00 – Introduction – Disputebee Review
1:12 – Who Is Disputebee For
2:15 – Disputebee Pricing
2:57 – Disputebee Login & Dashboard
3:50 – Disputebee Overview (How To Use)

Is DisputeBee legitimate?
Yes, DisputeBee is definitely legit and works just like any other credit repair software. The Credit Repair Software is designed to make Disputing Inaccurate items faster and easier!

DisputeBee Pricing: How Much Is Disputebee?
Individual – $39.99 Per Month
Business – $99.99 Per Month.

Step 1 Credit Report:
Before you start the credit repair process you will need to import your credit report. The Disputebee software will walk your through how to access to yours and your clients credit reporst, how to import it into the Disputebee software, and how to monitor the report for any changes.

Step 2 Dispute Letters:
After you have imported and accessed the credit report, you can choose which items you would like to dispute such as inaccurate collections, hard inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies and more.

Disputebee will automatically generate the dispute letters for you so all you need to do is print it out and mail them to the credit bureaus.

Step 3 Track Your Progress
Once you mail out your first round of letters to the credit bureaus(Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) you will wait for their response and then upload it into Disputebee. It might take multiple rounds of letters with the credit bureaus to see any items get removed or for information to be corrected. You can use Disputebee to continue to generate letters until the dispute is resolved which is when the item is removed from the credit report.


Im starting my own credit repair company but I’m stuck between credit repair cloud and disputebee… which one would you recommend?

Starting Out: Disputebee (the better priced option, and value)
Established Credit Repair Company: Credit Repair Cloud (More Features)

What does credit repair software do?

Credit repair software is designed to simplify consumers with repairing their credit. Credit repair software helps consumers remove negative items from their credit report, analyze their overall ‘credit health,’ and points them in the right direction

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Final Thoughts – Disputebee Review – If you are considering Disputebee Credit Repair Software:
I Really like DisputeBee for its price, simplicity and value for the individual plan.

Starting a Credit Repair Business –
Starting a credit repair business is not always an easy task. Growing your business and managing all of your clients can be even more difficult.
However If you are a newbie, Disputebee is a great solution to getting your credit repair business off the ground.

The software will take care of having all of your clients’ information all organized in one place.

It will streamline the dispute process against inaccuracies for you and your clients’ credit reports.

For more Information on our disputebee review see our full in depth review at

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    I prefer Disputebee over credit repair cloud for my own credit

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