Dispute With Credit Bureaus | Do Not Take No for an Answer: When They Ignore You, DO THIS!

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You started disputing an item from your client’s credit report, sent a Round 1 Letter from your Credit Repair Cloud to the credit bureaus, waited for 30 days, but nothing happened.

The bureaus either began giving you the runaround or ignored you completely.

Don’t worry – this happens all the time!

Credit bureaus are known for their annoying stall tactics to discourage consumers from repairing their credit.

But, a successful Credit Hero doesn’t take no for an answer! You need to be patient and persistent if you want to beat the bureaus.

Today I’m here to show you how to fight the bureaus and win!

So, tune in for this episode, learn a trick or two, and never fall for their tactics again!

Key Takeaways for This Week:

Do the credit bureaus give you the runaround? (00:00)
The way the system works (02:58)
This is when the clock begins (04:36)
Your next move depends on the response you got (06:12)
When do you send a warning letter? (09:35)

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  1. Dee Pitts says:

    Great info, it makes no sense for them to respond with your name, address, and file number but somehow can't verify your identity

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