DISPUTE LETTER to debt collector: here's exactly what you should say (includes free form)

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You want to send a dispute letter to a debt collector but don’t know what to say? Need to know EXACTLY what needs to go in the letter? This video shows you WHERE to download a legitimate free form and exactly how to change it to match your unique facts so your dispute has maximum power.

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What you’ll find inside:
0:00 What to say in a dispute letter to a debt collector
0:32 Responding to a letter or phone call from a debt collector
0:58 The two most common disputes
2:00 Why most form letters don’t work
2:42 Where to find the free form
3:48 Instructions for using the dispute letter template
4:26 One this you must ALWAYS do when sending a dispute letter
4:39 Changes you MUST make for the letter to be effective
5:31 Add the missing piece the form leaves out
6:10 One thing you should NEVER do when sending the letter
6:22 How to dispute an incorrect AMOUNT of debt
7:17 What happens AFTER you send the dispute letter
7:31 Your next step and how to get questions answered


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11 Responses


    What if I never received any letter from AWS Collections?? Which I have never received any heads up or call from this AWS Collection agency. But they already put this collection account on my Experian Account??


    Somehow experian came back “Verified” for a collection account I have no knowledge of. Do I send another letter asking for proof of signed docs, to Experian? Or to the Collection Company itself?


    @Ricardo&WasylikPL Thank You for this Valuable Information!

  4. Fear Clan says:

    I have a question and maybe you can help me. So I’m getting a debt collection letter that I am sure is not mine. On the letter it says what the original creditor is, and then it looks like it was sold to a third-party debt collector sometime in the past. I got a new letter from what looks like a new debt collection agency they sold the debt too. So I never got any letter about owing anything, and there is nothing at all on my credit report. I check Experian often and there’s nothing that exist there that shows that I owed anything. Wouldn’t I have already seen a dent in my credit report history from the moment the first collection agency purchased my alleged debt? This second collection agency says I have 30 days to respond. Why didn’t the agency before send me any kind of notice also? It’s very confusing.

  5. Breannah Bebon says:

    Thank you!

  6. Kathy Houston says:

    There are so many channels on here claiming to help with credit repair and some say don't send a letter to the collector and some say do send one. I made the mistake of sending one to Convergent Outsourcing, didn't even send it "return receipt" and of course I haven't heard back and it's still on my reports….I subscribed to your channel hoping to learn better 🙂

  7. jfc723 says:

    Question regarding when suing debt collectors. Is it worth it when the attorneys fee are taxable for plaintiff? Say the debt is $2 and the win is $1000 but attorneys fees are high. At the end of the day plaintiff might loose money. How much are attorneys fees in cases like this?

  8. Bessie Murillo-Lopez says:

    Hi, why do you suggest not signing the letter?

  9. Drewed says:

    California: I have an attorney on contingency. We send "I don't know you, and will not pay" letters to each creditor. They respond with validation packets.
    Technically, I didn't ask for validation, it was a refusal to pay letter.
    The contingency attorney will not sue based on that.
    John Watts says technically they've already broken the law by sending that validation packet.
    Is it worth suing them myself in small claims? I'd be sitting on $1000 per creditor for 6 creditors.

  10. Matt Lopez says:

    Your energy is contagious! Thank you again for much useful information. God bless you.

  11. Laura says:

    Thanks for the video! I'm curious as to why you don't want people to sign their name on the dispute letter.

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