DISPUTE LETTER: Midland Funding / Midland Credit Management (free template and instructions)

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You want to send a dispute letter to Midland but don’t know what to say? Need to know EXACTLY what needs to go in the letter? This video shows you WHERE to download a legitimate free form and exactly how to change it to match your unique facts so your dispute has maximum power.

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How to write a dispute letter:

Never talk to a debt collector on the phone. Here’s why:

What you’ll find inside:
0:00 Responding to a Midland debt collection demand or pre-legal letter
0:35 When Midland threatens to sue or demands money
1:09 How to make your dispute STICK to them
1:41 First kind of dispute you can make
2:06 Second type of dispute you can make
2:35 How to get a customizable form letter
2:42 How to customize your letter for your Midland dispute
2:54 Three steps to a solid dispute letter
4:00 How to prove you sent a dispute letter
4:27 Your next steps


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3 Responses

  1. Thelma Carmen says:

    I have been served a civil summons from midland credit management. I have 30 days to respond. Should I write the verification letter including that they verify the original consumer contract with my signature?

  2. Kathie Stevens says:

    I received a letter from midland credit in which they are representing wayfair .now I had an account with wayfair in which I called wayfair. But they would not communicate with me because they send my information are my account to midland credit management. I didn't understand why my balance with wayfair was 500$ now through midland credit they charged me 900$ so we have a mediation call when ever they chose the date..what can I do .I'm not disputing what I owe 500 but the other charges are bogus. How can I obtain a copy of the form ..

  3. Muriel Williams says:

    Thank you

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