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(Replay) 👉 Want a custom credit sweep that gets results? Jump on a free consultation at today. 👈 | If you’re having issues understanding how to attack the credit bureaus to remove the derogatory accounts from your credit report, then this is the video for you! Today’s 48hr replay training is the Dispute Letter Funnel Workshop (which is normally sold for $47 on my site and is yours totally free again for the next 2 days)

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with collections or charge-offs, late payments or even bankruptcy, if you understand how to write the dispute letter and how the actual credit repair process works, then you can capitalize off violations and get your deletions or corrections.

This workshop will show you different credit repair secrets and tactics to use that can be applied to virtually any type of account and I really hope that you enjoy it!

This does directly with the Bullet Proof Strategy Training we’ve been working on this week and diving in to how to write dispute reasons that get results. In part 1 of the series, we broke down EXACTLY what to say in a dispute letter to the credit bureaus and I introduced the AJERO formula that can be used to dispute and remove LITERALLY any account. Today, I’m giving you a Google Sheet tool (“The Builder”), that lets you create a bullet proof dispute reason for any negative account – bankruptcy, collection, charge-off, late payment, foreclosure, repossession, etc.

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Bullet Proof Strategy video part 1:
Bullet Proof Strategy PDF’s and The Builder free access links:

Here’s the reason we do this:
So many consumers are writing the wrong disputes – templates, identity theft, online disputes, phone disputes, etc. – and it’s either because they were misinformed or because they think there’s no other option available to them. The longer you dispute, the harder it is to remove the negative account and if the right words are missing from your letters, then the accounts won’t be removed, OR they will, just to be verifed as accurate and put right back on!


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Please watch: “2 Reasons to Avoid Online Credit Report Disputes | Credit Sweep Tips”


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how do you dispute something on your credit

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  1. Inner G says:

    Very informative

  2. laceone7 says:

    If an account has seven late payments from around 3 years ago would it best to just close account and try to remove? it a secured card from first starting credit and was not knowledgeable with credit reporting at the time, no lates on report since then and many new accounts but these are still holding me back. I'm also not that worried about the age or utilization.

  3. Dana Jones says:

    How do i get info on the tribe coaching? Im looking to really learn credit repair

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