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I really love this video. Felix decides to experiment with an Experian Phone Hack. Felix is one lazy bastard. He hates talking to real people and he loves sleep, so on SUNDAY, he calls Experian to file a dispute about some false, inaccurate info on his Experian credit report. Felix gives his viewers the direct number, and let’s his viewers listen in on the call, as he follows the Experian automated voice prompts. In order to build credit, consumers need to get rid of their false reported items. Credit reports contain so much inaccurate info. People that are in credit card debt should check the 3 credit bureaus often. Consumers experience credit card rejection because they have too many inquiries, and other factors. bad credit can be solved over time. consumers with credit card problems will have a really bad credit score. hack Experian to find out quick ways to file dispute, by phone or online. Felix has collection accounts from Portfolio Recovery Associates and has to phone Experian, using an easy Experian trick, to file an Experian dispute. Disputing by letters are effective, but take forever. credit reporting errors are common. credit reporting collection errors and all account errors can be resolved with time and effort. **********************

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dispute collections on credit report

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5 Responses

  1. Quintavia Mckizzie says:

    How long did it take to remove after doing dispute over the phone

  2. Damon Young says:

    Can you post results

  3. Thomas&Morata James% says:

    okay it worked. logged in to experian to check and now it says "in dispute" and it says they will give me the results in 30 days

  4. DF DF says:

    just disputed my midland collections using this method. had to log into my experian to get my account number on that collection account first . thanks for the video

  5. andygomez416 says:

    You disputed late payments NOT collections

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