Difference Between Inquiries and Adverse Accounts? || Credit Report Help || Fix Credit

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Difference Between Inquiries and Adverse Accounts?
What’s The Difference Between Inquiries and Adverse Accounts?



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dispute a hard inquiry on credit report

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10 Responses

  1. Darius Sanders says:

    I just got back my first letter back from Transunion. They are asking for proof of residency. Do I send them proof of address or do I send my 2nd round?

  2. Chose2Game says:

    Hey Brandon, been following your steps and I am getting pull back from the all three credit bureaus. They said that I need proof after my second letter, and that they no longer will do any more investigations in the topic. Should I continue sending them in.

  3. Nameless One says:

    I have a question yap the car dealer issue!

    I bought a vehicle 6 month ago. The dealership ran my credit (Hard Inquiry #1) They got me approved with Ford Finance (Hard Inquiry #2) then three weeks later never got any paper work for the loan. I called them they said they would fix it. Caused by a computer glitch! They fixed it! But the dealer ship ran my credit again and the finance company did the same which caused (Hard Inquiry Hits #3 + #4).

    (Note: Using a credit union now for all loans now!)

    (Second note: Wife was cosigner and got the same amount of inquiries added as I did o her credit)

    I have payed off the vehicle loan in full no lien on it. The finance company closed the account. Can I dispute and remove these Hard inquiries?

  4. Ophelia Cox says:

    So excited, I just purchased your Beyond Committed package. I can't wait to get started.

  5. iPelpa says:

    Hey Brandon! Bought you Big Package ;)! Hey Bro will collectors re submit if you keep paying after you do a successful validation? .. If not do you have to pay?

  6. Black Juno says:

    I have a couple hard inquiries like car dealerships and whatnot but I am honestly going to need to hire you guys fairly soon because I other companies are sometimes greedy when offering such services but I didn't know the difference awesome video man learn something new everyday haha

  7. Kent Dorsey says:

    How can I get my account #'s to send off my letters.

  8. Jenny Girl says:

    #1 guy for help on this!

  9. Jacki Mullinax says:

    I have a hard inquiry from paypal which they never extended me credit on. Can I dispute this hard inquiry? Thanks in advance!

  10. Johnny boy says:

    So how would I go about disputing this sir?

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